Summer Fun Game Ideas

Here are a few ideas we've posted before, but thought you could use them with the 4th of July coming up!   1.    SPONGE TAG:   Get a big bucket of water, 2-3 sponges (the bigger the better), and lots of kids...hand over a sponge or two to a couple of the older kids to start out - and watch the kids run around!  Works better with multiple sponges so everyone gets wet and has a chance to be "it." 2.   MARBLE GRAB:    Fill a kiddy pool with water and dump marbles in the bottom.  Each player stands in the pool and has to pick up marbles with his or her toes.  The person who picks up the most is the winner! 3.    BOTTOM-END-BLOW-OUT:    Tape a thumb tack to each players nose.  Then tape a balloon to each players bottom end.  The object of the game is to see who can pop the most balloons without letting their own balloon be popped!  This one is sure to be full of laughs! 4.   WET 'N WILD LIMBO:    Play limbo replacing a regular limbo stick with a water hose. 5.    BO

Father's Day Ideas...

Here is the segment from last year's Studio 5 segment - hope you enjoy and get some ideas for YOUR dad!  Feel free to call the store to have us set aside your order - the gifts are flying out the door fast!

Studio 5: Father's Day 2011

I know this is kind of late notice... but we will be on Channel 5's Studio 5 show TODAY at 11 to show some Father's Day ideas.  Check out our Facebook page for a special deal for Studio 5 viewers only!

Father's Day is Coming Up...

Here is the video segment from last year's Studio 5 show.  We don't have all the same things available on our website (sorry!) but at least you have the ideas, right?! Tune in June 16th on Studio 5 as we show you some MORE quick & easy gifts to give dad!

June Visiting Teaching Gift

Well are you all ready for a “ KOOL ” summer? Pioneer party wants to help you out with the June Visiting Teaching Gift. This months message is entitled, “Strengthening Families through Temporal Self Reliance” We've combined a bright summer bag, 3 packs of Kool Aid, the full message from the Ensign, and 3 yummy Kool Aid recipes, “Kool Aid” Pie, “Kool Aid” Playdough, and “Kool Aid” Popsicles! Something fun for everyone on your Visiting teaching route. It's tied all together with a bright ribbon & tag that reads, “Self Reliance is a “Kool Aid” to Strengthen your Family.”   Have a  “Kool”  time visiting your sisters this month! Buy them online here , or in our store in Lehi!

That's All.

I have to share the newest line of greeting cards we carry. They are awesome! That's all. Just kidding!  They are called "thats all greetings"  because two sisters were in the hospital  (one fighting ovarian cancer) and they... well,  read it in their own words   here. Then I won't mess up the story! Basically, all their cards end with a  "That's all." statement inside. Check out a few of these dandies: Everyone knows someone nowadays that has this terrible disease!   And sometimes its not easy to TALK about it... No explanation necessary... we all have someone in our lives  that we could give this one to, right?! And who hasn't had a "fat day" lately? Remember, inside the card says, "THAT'S ALL."  I love them! Check out more on their website. .. you will laugh out loud!   There are love ones, hate ones, observations, and more! We don't have them on OUR website yet - but call if you want  us to ship one (o

Teacher Gifts - Studio 5 Segment

In case you missed it, here is our Studio 5 segment from this past Monday.  We have mosts of the gifts available in-store to purchase... or enjoy creating them yourself!