More Valentine Ideas...

Introducing... the BIG HUNK BOUQUET!
We've used 3 Big Hunks, grouped them together like a bouquet of flowers, and added hearts to the tops of the candybars...a perfect place to hand write a note about why your man is indeed your Big Hunk!  (This would be darling to use 5 or more Big Hunks and make it BIG!"

A LOVE SNAKE?  Ummm, yes! - Think how much a little boy would LOVE to receive this 4' long plush snake!!  "HUGS & HISSES TO YOU!"

Just wanted to show you what our little Cupid's are busy making up!  Come into the store to see all the other FUN ideas!!  


5 Unique Valentine Ideas...

Just wanted to show you a couple of more unique things we have in our store right now for Valentine's Day...

#1 - The CHOCOLATE BOYFRIEND:  Box is 10" tall, with 4 oz of chocolate.  There are darling little quotes all over the box - one being, "If he gets any hotter, he'll melt!"   A must have for any single friends that are wishing they were dating...! ($10.99)

#2 - The LOVE BUG balloon:  4 donut or blossom shaped balloons attached together to make this love bug over 4' long... We can tie an oversized tag that says, "Will you be my LOVE BUG?"  Can you imagine how much your little girl/boy (what the heck - even your spouse!) would love waking up to see this in the living room?  ($13.99)

#3 - WIDE ROSE RIBBON:  This 4" wide ribbon comes in a dark red or a creamy ivory.  Seriously you could wrap a box of cereal in this and it would all of a sudden look like a gourmet gift!  I used it as a small table runner in my living room and it looks great!  I can imagine a belt, or a cuff bracelet, too!  If only I could sew...!  ($6.99 yard)

#4- CHOCOLATE COVERED CINNAMON BEARS:  If you've tried them, you know how good they are.  If you haven't - well, it's time to give them a chance!  They are by far our #1 selling candy.  We sold almost 27 lbs a day during the month of December... crazy huh!  People love 'em - We have them made up for friends ("Friends and Chocolate make life more BEAR-able"), sisters, teachers, grandmas - you can't go wrong!  ($2.99-$5.99)

#5 - CHOCOLATE COVERED GRAPES (& strawberries):  Yes, grapes!!  The Sweet Cherub in Highland are dipping grapes for us!  I've only heard that they are TO DIE for!  I like the fact that they are bite sized and pop-them-in -your-mouth ready!  Order a 1 lb box by this Saturday (Feb 11) @ 7 pm for pick-up on Valentine's Day!  ($12.00 per box - 1 lb of grapes or 6 strawberries - gift ready!)

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Call 801-768-3549 to order your treats and balloons!  We will have them ready to pick up and you won't even have to wait!


Cutest Thing Ever!

Just wanted to let you in on a secret...

We now have PAPER STRAWS!!  Have you seen these around?

We just got a shipment of red and white striped straws, and white with pink polka dot straws!  YEY!  We are super excited.  There are so many fun things to do with them!

We also got some DARLING 5x7 flat paper bags in - PINK STRIPES!

You can find them online (in our Valentines section) or in-store!


February Visiting Teaching Gifts are READY!

So if you're new to our store and blog, each month we make a Visiting Teaching Gift that goes along with the message in the Ensign from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We started this 10+ years ago, because we had customers coming in every month asking, "I have to go visit teach - what can I take to give?"  We would stop whatever we were doing and help each customer come up with something to give.  After this continuously happened for a few months, we decided we should pre-make some for these certain guests of ours.  And that is how our monthly Visiting Teaching Gifts all started.  I really want to say that we (as far as we know) were the first store to do this sort of thing.  Since then, there are many that sell something monthly... but we are a little partial to ours!

Anyways, as time has gone on, the idea has grown and our store has grown - and we are making lots and lots of VT gifts each month!  It is awesome to see so many sisters go out of their way to buy and give a cute little gift that goes along with the message from the General Relief Society. Just as a reminder, the following message is printed at the top of the monthly message in the Ensign:  "Study this material and, as appropriate, discuss it with the sisters you visit. Use the questions to help you strengthen your sisters and to make Relief Society an active part of your own life."  We hope you use our gift to supplement your own visit and lesson as much as possible... but we also know that there have been numerous sisters contacted and blessed by our very own VT gifts left at their doorsteps when a visit could not happen.

One day, I will give you some details as to what the process is each month to get the VT gifts out to each of you!!  We love it!

This month's gift is a chocolate brown box filled with the following:  strawberry & creme salt water taffy (that is so delish!), chocolate kisses, tissue paper, the message from the Ensign printed on creme with pink and brown accents.  The box is wrapped with pink polka dotted paper, then topped with twisted twine, some fluff (aka tulle), a primitive heart, and a tag that reads, "You are the Heart of the Home."

After reading the message, that is what we felt really stood out:  That each sister truly is the heart of the home.  The following quote is from the message:

"You are the bearers of the children. You are they who nurture them and establish within them the habits of their lives. No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God.”

Another idea we thought would be great is to give the sisters you visit a copy of  "The Family:  A Proclamation to the World."  It is always a good reminder of how our families should be organized and what we should be doing.  A copy of that message can be found here.

To purchase the February Visiting Teaching Gift, visit us in our store in Lehi, Utah:  or online here.

Make sure and check out our Home Teaching Gifts, too!  A can of Pringles is covered with a darling wrap, reminding your families to "Pray Always:  So you "CAN" be blessed, gain a testimony, testify to others, develop a relationship with your Heavenly Father, and get answers."  The full message from President Henry B. Eyring, "Exhort Them to Pray" is also printed on the wrap.


40% off BABY gifts!!

We are trying to clear out some "winter" baby items... Look how cute these things are and they look even cuter at 40% off!!

Newborn-18 month old Mary Jane Socks (sale price $2.40 a pair)

 Baby and Toddler Boy Beanies (sale price $8.39)

Soft-soled Baby Boots in Brown/Pink and Black Zebra (sale price 14.40)

Newborn & Toddler Flower Cuff Bracelets (Sale price 7.19)

So there you go!  Come in and grab something cute for your next baby shower or to spice up your own little one!


Cute Valentine Decor

I know, this isn't a "party tip" post or anything, but I couldn't help myself with wanting to share.  Check out how easy some of these little projects are for some fun-n-festive Valentine's Day Decor:

Photos of your Kids 

A no-sew Burlap Banner:

Both ideas from Landee See, Landee Do's blog.  Adorable!  Make sure and click on the links and read thru how easy they really are!!

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Updated Website

Just wanted to let you know we've added some fun new gifts to our website under the Valentine's category... Click over to see some pics, order something fun, or just get an idea or two!