Party Veggies!

Have you seen this idea before?  Such a GREAT way to serve veggies at a bridal or baby shower - or any party for that matter!  Just grab your clear plastic cups, pour some ranch into the bottom, then place your veggies standing up tall!  


Yep you read that right!  It's true.  Come in before the 1st of September and grab a "40% OFF ONE ITEM" coupon.  We'll have them at the counter, and they are good to use on almost anything!  Party straws, pinatas, table covers, seasonal items, goody bags, jewelry, purses, scarves, bags of balloons, baby gifts, books, etc. etc.!!  Remember there is a "little" construction going on, so be sure to park on the east or west side of the block (by the bakery or towards the Legacy Center).  But our front doors are open and we have some fun things you will want to come grab before Saturday.  (the only exceptions are bulk cellophane, candy, MTC delivery, & lamination)

Back to School Printables!

Have you seen this fun idea floating around the web?   Well, we loved it and decided to make our very own to share with you!

So here they are...  complete starting from Preschool to 12th grade, and even one for mom to hold!

Studio 5 Back to School

That's right!  We will be on TV live this Wednesday, August 11th at 11:00 a.m. to show some fun ways to kick off the school year.  Along with some gift ideas that you can give your kids, she will share some free printables!

Click here to view a sample!

Don't we all take pictures of our kids all dressed up in their new school clothes?  We've created a little sign for your child to hold documenting what grade he/she will be in.  Think of how cool a collection of these over the years would be.

Don't forget to watch!

Detour Deal of the Day!

If you have been downtown Lehi lately, you have surely noticed the (!!!) construction going on.  We are planning LOTS of fun things in our store to make up for the dirt and dust and detours around us.

But before we post our "construction calendar" - here is a little deal for you!  Our black and white wooden signs are 25% off (in store only).  We have an amazing coupon we are handing out as well with any purchase.
Watch for a 40% off coupon in your Value Pages mailer...
AND... if you shop online only, we have one for you!  Enter "detourdeal" in as your coupon code at checkout, and enjoy 15% off your entire purchase!  Good thru August 10th.  
Make sure you're a Facebook Friend to stay up to date with all that's going on at Pioneer Party - we post  sales, have contests, and keep you up to date on our latest products.  Have a good week!

August 2012 Visiting Teaching


Celebrate your calling as a Visiting Teacher!

Our new Visiting Teaching Gifts are out and ready to go... and with that comes a sigh of relief (on our end) and another "to-do" on your list!  A sister in my ward gave a Visiting Teaching "thought" today in Relief Society, and I really enjoyed her thoughts.  She read some quotes from the "Daughters in my Kingdom" book, talked about some personal experiences she has had with VT, and ended with a challenge to us that no matter what our experience has been in the past with VT (whether it be good, bad, or NO experience) - that today is the start of a new month and that we can start fresh this month by being a better Visiting Teacher.  Just like we make New Years Resolutions, we can resolve NOW to not only make our visits, but be a friend to our sisters.  So... with that, I will introduce you to our July 2012 Visiting Teaching Gifts!!
The message title from the Ensign is, "Demonstrating our Discipleship Through Love and Service."  A lot of this mes…