MTC Same-Day Delivery - The Ins and Outs of Delivering to your Missionary!

So you have a missionary, do you?  Whether it be your son, daughter, neighbor, friend or a distant relative's 7th cousin - we are here to help you!  We have all the insider's information on how to best send a package to the MTC (Missionary Training Center).  So let's start, shall we?

-There are many Missionary Training Center's (aka MTC) in the world; however, we only deliver to the one here in Provo, Utah.  (What is the Missionary Training Center?  Find out more here.)

-We offer same-day MTC deliveries Monday through Friday, except for major holidays (when the MTC mailroom is closed).  This service is done by MTCdelivery.com (also known as Scoots, Inc).

Pretty legit, right?!

-If you get a package to us by 12:30 pm Monday-Friday, your missionary will get it that SAME DAY!  Doesn't that help ease your mind a little and maybe help him or her feel a tiny bit closer?  We know it's hard to have a loved one "all of a sudden" gone with hardly any contact.

-You can send all kinds of packages!  We don't require them to come packed all pretty in a box.  In fact, a grocery sack or just about anything will do!  If you don't have a box or sack, bring your items in and we will help you package it up and get it out.

-The MTC has some guidelines as to what they will allow in the packages.  They do not like helium balloons, perishable foods (especially smelly ones!), caffeinated drinks, or gum.  We do not necessarily enforce those rules - but leave it up to you to use your best judgement.  The MTC mailroom employees have been known to open up any packages that "stink" (like Cafe Rio food, etc).  Really though, most things are safe and the missionary's LOVE to get anything!

-We guarantee the package will get to the MTC that same day it is sent; however that does not always mean your missionary will receive the package that afternoon or evening.  The District Leader (DL) has the responsibility to retrieve mail for the elders/sisters in his district.  We have been told that due to classes and other things coming up - there have been times where the DL has not been able to get to the mailroom before it closes.

-Pioneer Party offers many fun and creative packages that are all READY TO SHIP to your missionary!  All you have to do is add a little note and it can be checked off your list.  Here is a link to some of the packages and gifts we offer.  You can even SHIP right from our website!

( A sample of one of our packages - a top seller - "The Official Greenie Package" comes with 2 of everything so the missionary can share with his or her companion.  Most of the package is goodies - 2 packs of mints, 2 packages of Skittles, etc. - but most important EVERYTHING is green in the package!  The tag on the outside says, "You may be young, you may be new - but you're ready to show what you can do.  Countless experiences are just around the bend, The shepherd's lost sheep you are called to tend.  So enjoy this package, every last green treat, Now get excited, you have lost souls to meet!" )

-The cost of shipping a package same-day to the MTC is all done by weight.  If the package is under 5 lbs,, we charge a $7.00 flat fee.  The price goes up if your package is over 5 lbs.

-The only information you will need to ship a package to your missionary is the Elder/Sister's name, their departure date (when they leave the MTC), and their Unit number (or Mailbox number).  This can all be found on the information the missionary receives when arriving at the MTC.  You can also call the MTC Mailroom and ask - 1-801-422-2602.

-If you live in Utah and your missionary would like to send some things home - we can help them do that!  Basically there will be a COD (cash on delivery) form in the MTC mailroom.  They will fill it out and it will get shipped to the drop off location of their choice.  We will then call you and let you know you have a package!  Prices vary to pick up depending upon weight.  Call to confirm please.  This service comes in handy when someone has over-packed and does not have enough room in his/her luggage to take everything out in the field.  It also has been helpful when a missionary is in the MTC during the winter time and has a coat - but is traveling somewhere warm and will not need a coat!

-Do you need a later drop off time?  Then check out this website for more information on different drop off locations.  Austin is our main man when it comes to delivering those packages!

-If you'd like to call us to set up a shipment, please don't hesitate!  We will do our best to help you.  801-768-3549

So let's make it easy and give you a few basics all at once:

-Packages don't have to be a in box - even a sack will do.
-Have the package to us by 12:30 pm any weekday (except major holidays)
-Cost is $7.00 for a package under 5 lbs.
-Have the missionary's name, departure date, and unit/mailbox number handy!
-Check out our website to get a package shipped - you can do it right now!

You are now an expert on how to send a package to the MTC!

(please note when placing an online order,  24 hours is needed for processing before the package will be sent)

For more information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, click here.  


October Home & Visiting Teaching

Fall is here and with that we have created this month's Visiting Teaching Gift so that you and your sisters will be able to add a new decoration to your home.  We have designed a 5"x7" print with the quote "Charity: The Highest, Noblest, Strongest kind of Love."  It will fit perfectly in a frame and is designed with beautiful fall colors.  

 The message from the Ensign is entitled, "Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ:  Filled with Charity and Love."  We also loved a quote from President Thomas S. Monson... so we included the full message from the Ensign and high-lighted that quote for your sisters.  (see images)  Of course no Pioneer Party gift is complete without a treat - so a yummy milk chocolate Hershey bar is tucked in as well.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and this darling Visiting Teaching Gift!

For October Home Teaching: "Finishing With the Torch Still Lit" is the title of the First Presidency Message for October.  One of the quotes from President Uchtdorf says, "This race of discipleship is not a sprint; it's a marathon.  And it makes little difference how fast we go.  In fact, the only way we can lose the race is by finally giving in or giving up."  Pretty cool!  So we have created a little game for your families to play... the idea is to discuss how each of us can make {spiritual} goals and keep them.  

Each family member will choose a piece of candy (included in the gift).  Orange means you get to make a personal goal for yourself; yellow prompts you to talk about how to stay motivated to reach this goal; and brown you will discuss how you can help your family members to reach their goals!  We think this will be a great way to incorporate the message into a family, while having fun and having a treat at the same time!  Happy October to you!

Buy online here or in store!


Golden Straw Bunting

We came across this gem on Pinterest and just had to share it! Isn't it the cutest? Party decor or year round home decor (I'm thinking my baby girl's nursery?!) it is cheap, easy, and looks fabulous! Head over to oleanderandpalm.com for the full tutorial. 

"Buntings aren't dead yet.  But, I'm trying something a little less country, shabby chic-ish, with this gold straw bunting.  It's light and airy and almost feels like a piece of jewelry for your home.  This Christmas, when we were in Boise, ID, the Anthropology store had a fabulous display made with straws painted gold.  I've been wanting to make a scaled down version for my mantel ever since.  

This simple bunting is season-less and can coordinate with any home decor or party theme.

1. You'll need lots of paper straws.  For each triangle you'll need two full length straws and one half length.  You'll also need some heavy thread or twine and a large needle.

2. Start by threading the needle and thread through the small straw.

3. Pull a long length of the thread through the straw.

4. Put the thread the one of the full length straws.

5. Thread the needle and thread through the second full length straw.

6. Now thread the needle back through the short straw.  Pull tight so that the straws are tight against each other at the points.

7. Start again, threading on the short straw and continue with steps 2-6.

8. Using gold spray paint, paint the bunting in a well ventilated area.  You will need to turn the bunting over and rotate the straws a couple times to cover all sides of the straws."

 As a side note, I think this would be cute as is - (maybe string to match the straw) - so you wouldn't have to spray paint. Especially if just using for a one-time party decor. We have a ton of cute striped straws in store, and a few options online here! Either way, stop in to grab your straws, we have them cheap and in bulk! ($5.99 for 25)

Happy decorating!


September Home and Visiting Teaching

 The September Visiting Teaching gift is all wrapped up in a brown paper sack with a vintage-looking label that reads, "Women Worldwide can Harvest Christlike Virtues & Partake of the Goodness." 
Included in the sack is a delicious and easy Peach Cobbler recipe (only 4 ingredients!), the full message from the Ensign, and a package (2.75 oz) of gummy Peach Rings. Your sisters will love it! 

Happy 20th anniversary to the Proclamation to the Family! The theme of this month's message is on prayer and how it can strengthen your family. We are encouraged to pray as a family often, and to read the Proclamation once more this month. 

Inside of this cellophane bag there is a spiral-bound notebook, a copy of President Eyring's message "Family & Prayer," a copy of the Proclamation that can fit in an 8x10 frame, and another copy of the Proclamation that has been studied like we are encouraged to do once more this month. Happy September, and happy 20th to the Proclamation! 


Fall is coming!

If you're like me, you can't wait for hoodies, bonfires, sweatshirts, boots, and orange leaves!! Bring on fall! It is the best time of the year! Here are a few ideas to get you in the mood:

Make a yummy fall treat - perfect for after-school snacking! Simple mix:
  • pretzels
  • candy corn
  • M&M's (or reeces pieces) 
  • Honeycomb cereal
  • Candy Corn pumpkins
  • Bugels chips
  • Chex Muddy Buddies
  • (you could add almost anything you want that sounds good! Bonus points if it is orange!)
Click the picture for a cute paper bag bowl tutorial too! (From The House of Hendrix)

Make a family bucket list for fall! There are so many fun things to do and see, especially here in Utah. This idea is from Terrell Family Fun, or make up your own! 

Along those lines, check out this awesome list from 24saltlake.com of 65 Fun Things to Do This Fall in Utah.  It includes such awesome actives as Haunted Houses, family friendly places, Farmers Markets, races, mazes, and more!!

Pioneer Party has tons of cute decor, including this BOO Banner kit! Come in and grab all the cute stuff before its gone. 

Happy Fall, ya'll!!


Happy Birthday to US!

It is our 20 year birthday today! Wahoo! In 1995 we went from Lehi Drug to Pioneer Party & Copy, and boy have things changed! We've had so much fun changing and improving the store over the years, and WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! Come down and join the party!
Our first big update!

Main street construction

The gang!


Happy 20th to us and many more to come! Hope to see you in the store soon!


August Home and Visiting Teaching

 Who doesn't need a little extra "power" in their life? Our August Visiting Teaching Gift will give you just that! With a Power Performance Energy Bar, a print of the full message from the Ensign (Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ: Meek and Humble), a bookmark highlighting one of the quotes from the message, and a tag on the outside that says, "Humility & Meekness = Power" - you will be all set to visit teach!  

The quote on the bookmark is "Being meek does not mean weakness, but it does mean behaving with goodness and kindness, showing strength, serenity, healthy self-worth, and self-control. As we work to develop this attribute, we will find that “humbly submitting our will to the Father brings us the empowerment of God—the power of humility. It is the power to meet life’s adversities, the power of peace, the power of hope, the power of a heart throbbing with a love for and testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, even the power of redemption." - Elder Ulisses Soares of the Seventy

We loved the idea that as we develop "meekness" we actually create power in our life. We hope you enjoy this month's gift!

The title of the home teaching message from the Ensign is, "Stand as a Light" by President Thomas S. Monson. We've created a fun gift that your family will enjoy eating while they're reading the words from the prophet.

A teal colored berry container is filled with assorted salt water taffy (State Fair Flavor, by Sweets Candy Company), along with a print of the full message from the Ensign, and it's all wrapped up in clear cellophane with a lighthouse shaped tag, that reads, "Shine Your Light a Little Brighter" Happy August!

  Buy in store or online here