April Ministering Messages

April showers bring Spring visiting teaching messages! Paired with darling gardening gloves, this month's thought from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk "Three Sisters" (found in October 2017 General Conference Ensign Issue) reminds us that no matter who we are or the decisions we make, we are in the Lord's caring hands. 

This sweet message is one that all of Heavenly Father's daughters need to hear in trying or blessed times.
We hope that with the coming of warm weather also comes a spring of new possibilities and blessings to you and those who you gift this message to. Here's to a new season of happiness and opportunity!

In President Nelson's first address as Prophet to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, "As We Go Forward Together" he promises that the Lord is at  the Helm of the Gospel, and that as we move forward together, He will not leave us lost or confused.  

President Nelson requested his first address…

March Home and Visiting Teaching

Our March Visiting Teaching Gifts are sure to make the sisters you visit feel special and loved.  We have chosen a few different quotes (from President Monson, President Hinckley, and President Ucthdorf) that explain our divine nature, and the potential we each have as children of God.  "Always remember - you matter to Him," for example.  
We've packaged 8-10 butterscotch Werther's candies, added a beautiful tag that reads, "You are more Precious than Gold" and tied it all up to look just perfect to give away.    

The March First Presidency message is entitled, "The Word of God to His Children" and is written by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  
We have designed a darling print that says, "The Lord communicates with us through 'TALES' from the mouths of His servants."  A box of yummy miniature vanilla Cow Tales are included along with the full message from the March 2018 Ensign.

February Home and Visiting Teaching Gifts

Our visiting teaching gifts for February are simply sweet!  We have designed a beautiful card with the quote on it, "Our Heavenly Father loves you - each of you.  That love never changes.  It is simply always there."   
It is printed on a pearl card stock & wrapped up with a delicious (& soft!) pink frosted sugar cookie.  We LOVE that this gift can be given to anyone - not just the ladies you visit teach!  Order a few extra to give to neighbors, friends, and sisters - we're sure they'll love them!

The First Presidency Message for February is entitled, "Always Remember Him" (Henry B. Eyring).  We have included his message, along with a package of Lays "Stax" potato chips, with a cute label that says, "Watch your blessings STACK when you remember Him always."  

What a darling gift to give your neighbors & friends!  

Click the photos to buy online or as always check them out at our store in Lehi!

January 2018 Home and Visiting Teaching

So it’s a new year, and there are some new changes to the Church of Jesus Christ Relief Society Visiting Teaching program.... and guess what?!? We think it’s awesome! Learning how to SERVE the sisters you have been assigned to will be an opportunity for growth and learning for everyone.  We have been making monthly visiting teaching gifts for over 15 years, and honestly, we don’t want to stop! So we have decided we will continue to make a monthly gift- and we can promise you two things  1- it will always have an uplifting quote and/or message, and 2- it will always be cute enough to give to a friend! And that’s the great thing- since there will be no official message from the church, our gifts will be perfect to give to ANYONE that may need a lift or a word of encouragement. wahoo for spreading joy and light!

Happy New Year!  This month, we have chosen to highlight a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in January 2014, entitled "The Best Time to Plant a Tree."  We absol…

November Home and Visiting Teaching Messages

The visiting teaching gift we've created for you this month is really special.  We have chosen five great quotes from the October session of General Conference, and designed each one into a 3.5" x 5" card.  

The quotes that are included: "We must look at others through the eyes of our Savior." - W. Craig Zwick "Changing the world begins with strengthening your own family." - Bonnie L. Oscarson "We cannot control all that happens to us, but we have absolute control over how we respond to the changes."  - W. Christopher Waddell "The greater the light in our lives, the fewer the shadows." - Ian S. Ardern "The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives."  - Russell M. Nelson
Each quote is printed on a beautiful pearl card stock. We've wrapped them all up, added some delicious caramels (made from Utah based company Pioneer Valley), and finished it all of…

October Home and Visiting Teaching Gifts

Fall is in the air and pumpkins adorn porches around our neighborhood's... and the October Visiting Teaching Gifts that we have created for you will fit right in as you go and visit the sisters you are assigned to.  
A pinstriped box is filled with a mixture of caramel and almond chocolate kisses, along with the message from the Ensign.  The tag on the outside says, "Pumpkin Kisses and Warm Fall Wishes - Love from Your Visiting Teachers"
Ribbon may vary from picture but be assured it will always be darling!  

"Becoming True Disciples" is the title of the Home Teaching Message from the October 2017 Ensign.  We have created a gift that includes the full message from the Ensign, a package of pumpkin mellow candies, and the cutest little story about how God helps "carve" us into the disciples He knows we can be.  

Example:  {"Becoming A True Disciple is Like Being a Pumpkin:  God picks you from the patch, brings you in and washes all the dirt off of you.…

September 2017 Home and Visiting Teaching Gifts

Our September Visiting Teaching Gift is absolutely stunning  - and the treat that goes along with it is delicious as well!  We have taken a quote from the September message and designed a print you will be able to put into a 5"x7" frame.  (Quote from President Henry B. Eyring "...the Spirit of God never generates contention... it leads to personal peace and a feeling of union with others.")
We've added a small message that says, "Just as the Sunflower follows the Sun, We should also follow the Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ."  And the best part?!  Chocolate covered sunflower seeds! 
The full message from the Ensign is included, and it's all tucked in a cellophane bag and tied off with ribbon.

The gift we have made for your home teaching families this month will surely be a hit!  
We've taken a window sack and filled it with pumpkin spice popcorn, added the message from the Ensign, and a cute tag that says, "Conference is just around the &quo…