New Years Eve by the Hour

So here's a quick and easy party idea for a fun-filled New Years Eve...(this is especially good for kids, but can be tailored for an adult party as well).

Choose 3-5 age-appropriate activities and gather all the supplies needed.  Each activity with supplies goes into a brown paper sack.  Then label each bag with a time to open - for example, "Open at 7 pm", "Open at 8 pm" etc.  So each hour of the night the kids have something to do!  Fun things could include a favorite board game, making cookies, cutting out your own confetti, dressing up and taking pictures, art projects, making a snowman, having a treasure hunt, watching a movie - and then of course, the last one would be party poppers, horns, hats and for sure the camera!  

This is fun because it gives kids something to do all night long, and you can be creative in what you plan!  

Happy New Year! 


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