Want Five Bucks?

Would you like 5 bucks to spend at our store?  If you put OUR link on YOUR blog, we will send you a 5 DOLLAR GIFT CARD in the mail!  Just email us your blog, along with your name & address -it's that easy!  

Obviously, we are trying to spread the word about Pioneer Party...and all the fun things that we do at our store.  Since we are new to the blogging world, PLEASE leave a comment and tell us what you want to read about!  

Happy Blogging!


Danielle said…
I would love to see your 'sale and specials' calendar that you have in the store posted on your blog! Special deals or drawings on your blog would be fun and encourage readership.
Amy said…
I love your store! The girls there are friendly, helpful and full of great gift ideas. I love that everyone is smiling and the atmosphere is magical! Keep up the great work girls-your creativity keeps me coming back frequently!
Hello,,, I found your blog by surfing and I want to add your blogpage to mine... You have such great ideas! Thanks for the creative juices!

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