Wow!  We are so excited for this new year!  Christmas and New Years is always fun, but it's always nice to take down the red and green and put up the pinks!  Valentine's Day is next and it is our favorite day of the year!  It is always our busiest season - and for a very good reason!  We are experts at the cute little gifts that everyone wants to give for Valentine's Day... those cheesy little things that are just so fun and unique!  We have already decked out our store in pinks, reds, and other "fluffy" stuff - just walking in will get you in the mood!  We will be giving you lots of ideas to do on your own, as well as hundreds (really!) of fun things to buy and give!  

"Love is such a big word, it really should have more letters."  - I saw this quote today and thought it was so cute!  Start thinking lovey-dovey... 


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