April Visiting Teaching Messages

You can now do your Visiting Teaching for April!  Wahoo!  

On the outside we have tied a little bag of deluxe yogurt covered pretzels (way yummy) along with a die cut of a key...
Open up the package and there are three separate pieces of paper.  The first one is titled, "Study Them...", turn the page to see "Search Them..." and on the last page, "Treasure Them."  On each page there are different quotes from the Ensign to go along with the titles.

We hope this month's message will be something the ladies you visit teach will be able to tuck away in their own scriptures or files to look back at and remember how important the scriptures really are! 

If you want to order these to be mailed, please email us at pioneerparty@hotmail.com, or call 801-768-3549.  


How do you come up with SO many CREATIVE ideas!!! Every time I'm in the store I'm AMAZED at how GREAT EVERYTHING looks! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
Mark and Becky said…
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