March Visiting Teaching Messages

The message this month is about the home and family - and how the women of the church have an important role in upholding, nourishing, and protecting the family.

So we have created a brick house with the title of the message on the front... open it up and you will find a cute saying, "NOW is the time to get our house in LATER we will have the blessings of an eternal family." (along with two Now and Later candies)  Most of the quotes from the Ensign article are included.   Hopefully the importance of this message will be portrayed to those sisters who receive it this month.

Remember we can ship these to any of you that live out of state... just email or call us!  


Kristin said…
I just wanted to let you know I posted your March VT idea and linked to you on my new visiting teaching blog. Cute ideas!
Peacock Family said…
Hey I love this Idea!! SUPER CUTE, How do i go about ordering some of them? my email is
amber peacock
Robynn said…
I wanted to say THANK YOU! I ordered these cute Visting Teaching Messages for my gals and they came in the mail and I LOVE them, even cuter in real life. Thank you Thank you!
A Happy Visiting Teacher in Texas
Linda Winegar said…
Just wanted to let you know I also posted this cute idea on my Visiting Teachingblog and linked back to your site. Thanks for your inspiration! > <3 Linda. VisitingT
Kris said…
You make me look so good as a Visiting Teacher...the sister's I visit LOVE it when I bring one of your V.T. message helps. Thanks for helping make my visiting teaching more enjoyable as we share the message together. I know after we are gone that this helps my sisters keep the message in their minds and hearts a little longer.
Sarah said…
keep these coming!!

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