Cellophane Bag of the Week

If you've shopped at our store before, you know we have a pretty big selection of cellophane sacks. In fact, we have over 65 different styles to choose from!

Here is just one of my favorites for this time of year...

And here is the pattern shown enlarged...

So cute.

If you're like me, I see something I like and then I don't know who to give it to our how to use it.

So here are your instructions:

1. Come and buy your "Blooming Dots" cellophane bags (.15 cents a piece)
2. Fill with lemonheads, yogurt covered pretzels, popcorn, etc.
3. Take to your 5 of your friends/neighbors with a "Thinking of You" note attached.

There. Now go do it.
And make sure you make one for yourself.
You deserve it!


Amy said…
Such a cute bag! Now I know exactly where to get it for my friends and family!

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