Cutest Cone-Shaped Pouches...How To

These little pouches originated as
"May Flower Baskets"
they were filled with flowers and left on friend's doorsteps...

This is our take on them..

Perfect for...

wrapping that little (or big) treasure

leaving on someone's porch with a note and a truffle

using as a favor at your next party
(make them mini)

Do you want to make one?

Grab some scrapbook paper, ribbon, your grandmother's buttons, a stapler, glue dots... and you're ready!

Step 1:
Choose your paper, and cut into a perfect square.
(this example is using a 8.5" x 8.5")

Step 2:
Measure about 3.5" from the top point on both sides and make a small mark.
This is where you will fold in towards the center.
(you can also just eyeball it!)

Step 3:
Choose your embellishments... ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc.
Don't be afraid to use different patterns and colors.
For this project, we literally used scraps of ribbon!

Step 4:

Layer everything together...start with ribbon and end with flowers.
Pictured here are two strands of brown sheer ribbon, criss-crossed; goldenrod ribbon just scrunched up; and 2 paper flowers.

Step 5:
Open up your cone, holding all your embellishments just as you want them. Staple through both sides of your cone flaps and ALL of your ribbon and flowers. It might take 2-3 staples.

Step 6:
Fluff and trim your ribbon, add buttons or jewels with glue dots or hot glue.
Just a little dab will do!
(Layered buttons also look cute)

You can also add a strand of ribbon (staple to the insides on each side)
so the cone can be hung from a doorknob. See very top picture.

TaDa! You're finished! SO EASY.

Now you can WOW someone with this fabulous gift pouch.

Too busy to make your own?
Call us for a custom quote.


nathansara said…
thanks for the idea. i made some for a thank you gift. they turned out soooo cute.

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