October Visiting Teaching Message

...is again, super cute.
Sometimes I wonder if we can make yet another unique VT gift - but each month with a new topic and some brainstorming - it always turns out great!

(Another post I will have to let you in on the behind-the-scenes of getting VT ready each month!
It is quite the process. Anyhow...)

The message is entitled,
"Nurture the Rising Generation."
We have made a spooky little gift pouch,
and placed the message and a treat inside.

Our tag reads,
"In this scary world...treat yourself
(and the rising generation) to gospel sweetness!"

The cream paper opens up and shows the entire message from the Ensign. You can easily add a personalized note to this pouch...just grab some paper that matches and slide it in.

If you can't catch your sisters home,
leave it hanging on their doorknob -
what a fun treat to come home to!

The message this month is $3.00. If you would like to order, please visit our NEW WEBSITE to have them shipped! (please be patient as this is our first month trying this out)


Tenna Herman said…
These are such clever ideas. It is a wonderful service. Best of luck with this endeavor!
Daisy said…
I'm totally gonna get those this month! So cute!

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