September Visiting Teaching Message is out

And we are super excited about it!

The message is titled, "Understand and Live the Gospel of Christ" and has SO many great quotes. One of the lines that stood out to us reads,

"Sisters, now more than ever, we need women to step up and be strong..." which is why we thought this vintage photo fit perfectly.

Our title reads,
"We need STRONG women...
who can harvest and preserve the power of the gospel!"

Isn't it true? Nowdays we HAVE to be strong in order to survive this crazy life!

This quote is printed on the backside of the message.

Since fall is the time to harvest and preserve fruits & veggies, we added a family recipe to our gift. I grew up eating this yummy pear jam. My husband quickly got hooked when we got married, and it is sure to be a favorite within your family, too!

Inside we have included the full message, a Nature Valley granola bar, and of course, the recipe for Pear Preserves.
Here is a picture of everything that is included.
This month's message is $2.75 each.

Please call the store to have them shipped, or email us with your shipping info, credit card #, name, and phone number. Shipping is estimated at $1.00 per message, plus $2.00 for handling.


Crystal said…
Please post your store hours. I tried calling the number and I desperately need to go to your store today...before my 2 year old gets too tired to be contained! ;)
Sorry, Crystal! I just added our hours to our "About Us" section. I can't believe I overlooked that! I hope you got what you needed. - Emily

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