Need a Baby Gift?

Or, do you just want some cute things for your little one?
Well, we know where to find some!

Introducing... Baby Chicks!

A darling little company founded right here in Lehi by two sisters. About 5 years ago, they both had baby girls about the same time, and realized they couldn't find what they wanted - cute, yet affordable, baby headbands.

And so it began...

And has now evolved into more than just baby headbands. Check out some of their products:

Flower clippies - a set of two for only $6!

I love this new little onesie

This is just one of the many shoes we carry... they all SQUEAK when walked in (but the squeak can be taken out).

BYU onesie and matching hair bows

And since I am way more of a Ute fan -
I couldn't leave this awesome product out!

One of their crocheted beanies - a must for fall weather!

Oh my goodness!
Any baby decked out in this outfit would be the talk of the town!

And even holiday stuff...

And in case you are wondering, yes we do carry all of their products in our store ALL the time.

Another great product (not pictured) are leg and arm warmers. Perfect under those summer skirts, and for girls AND boys - throw on a pair under your favorite short sleeve shirts.


If you would like to win some FREE PRODUCT from Baby Chicks, leave a comment telling us what your favorites are!

We will randomly choose 3 winners - each receiving a pair of leg/arm warmers!

You can also check out their website at


Aubrey said…
I LOVE their leg warmers!!! I've been meaning to get a pair for my daughter!!
Lindsey said…
Talk about cute stuff!! I think my favorite, though, is the clips.
Jen said…
I love the squeaky shoes and leather lace-ups! So cute.
The Bell Family said…
Love the leg warmers, so great to pair with skirts for little girls.
jill said…
I love the brown beanie and the leg warmers. My 2 year old is crazy for dresses and skirts, even when it's cold outside - so the leg warmers would be perfect to keep both her and I happy in chilly weather.
Kimberly said…
My Fav's Are The Hats, Shoes And Onsies! SOOOOO Cute!!!
Family Fun said…
I love the BYU onesie and matching bow. I also loved the cute hats with flowers and the King of the Crib onesie! What a fun company!!!!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for not leaving out the Ute fans in a cougar part of the world!
Anonymous said…
My twiners LOVE the leg warmers and hats. When they were little tike's we couldn't leave home without our squeeky shoes.
Daisy said…
Ooh I love the crocheted hats with a flower. I will probably buy one for my daughter for Christmas! The zebra striped onesie is adorable too!
Debbie and Cory said…
I love their crushed velour leggings. Perfect for the holidays!!!

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