What do YOU want?

First of all, when I started this blog over a year ago, I don't think I ever properly introduced myself. I was so caught up in experimenting (I was new to the blog world) that I was a little shy.

So here I go... My name is Emily and I am one of the (2) store managers. Pioneer Party is my second home. It has been a part of my family my entire life.
I remember going with my dad to the "Drug Store" (see this for background on that) and playing on the crutches in the back room.
I remember watching the junior high kids come in at lunch time to buy drinks, candy bars, and penny candy.
I remember learning how to stock shelves the right way, check in orders, blow up balloons, and make goody bags.
I remember the year we switched from being Lehi Drug to Pioneer Party... changing the sign, having a pizza party while we installed carpet, and putting new displays together.
I have now officially worked for over 16 years. Wow, huh?!

I did take a break when I went to Dixie College... then I went to the U and graduated with a bachelors in Health Promotion...I tried out a few other jobs but always came back to the store.
I just love it. I love the customers, the employees, the atmosphere.
I love helping people and love when they leave happy.
I love seeing a huge, fun balloon bouquet leave the front doors.
I love it when it's busy... and I love coming up with new ideas.
I could seriously go on and on, but I think I already have!

So now that I have opened up... will you?
I want to know what YOU want to see on this blog.
I would love to hear any of your positive (or negative) experiences with us.
Do you want more specials? More ideas? More product info?

Please leave a comment and tell us!

I also am giving you a coupon code to use on our website... enter BLOG in the coupon code and get 10% off your entire purchase. If you live close and shop in our store, mention the BLOG coupon and get 10% off any one purchase. Good until 11-21-09


Stacy Pincock said…
I love your store, but I live out of town. Every time I visit Utah, your store is a place I HAVE to visit. So for me, I would love more ideas. You guys always come up with such great ideas. Keep up the great work and thanks!
Sarah said…
Thanks for telling us about yourself and the store! I love the part your store plays in Lehi history and how you guys keep it going! I love the free ideas you offer on your website, give us more of those!!!
Jen said…
I love all the gifts and ideas in your store. I know if I ever need a quick thank you or get well gift I can walk right in and grab one. My kids love all the candy you offer too. The only negative thing I would say is that I wish the girls that worked there were a little more friendly. I've had to ask questions before, and most of the time (not all the time) they are just really serious with short answers. Just a little more friendly would be nice.
Family Fun said…
I live out of town and the only way I even knew about your store was from Studio 5 and some lovely Visiting Teachers that dropped off one of your cute V.T. Handouts. Since then, I have called and ordered a couple of times. I wish I lived closer so that I could see all of the cute things that you have put together. So, I would love to see more ideas and how-to's. I would also love to see all of the fun new things that you get in the store so that I can know what things would be fun to get. Sometimes I don't even know about all of the cute ideas and things that you can do with the simpe-ist of things. Keep up the good work! I am already hooked to your blog and can't wait to see what is still ahead. Thanks!
Lydia Story said…
I love coming to your store, but sadly don't live very close, so I really like hearing and seeing what is new. I love your ideas and would love to see some more thank you gift ideas. For family, just because, or friends. This is one area I always find myself wishing I had the perfect little present with a cute thought. But I am so glad you have a blog!! It has been very enjoyable.
Lynnie said…
Hi, and thanks for this great blog! I check it all the time, as well as frequent your store. I'd love to see even more birthday ideas. And maybe some printable tags for gifts?
Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave a comment... and feel free to continue to comment here if you are just now checking this out! We will take everything to heart and continue what we're doing - and hopefully more! Birthday gift ideas, possible printable tags, more friendly service, etc... :) We love our blog guests! Oh yeah, if you haven't seen it already, check out the "IDEAS" section on our website... we just added a "Turkey" tutorial for Thanksgiving.
Unknown said…
I have received some of your cute items from my VTer, I love them... Someday I will brave Main Street and come visit the store, but since I found the website and blog I am excited for that too...
Mandy said…
I am so in love with your store! I love to be creative, but sometimes it's so nice to come into your store and buy some darling idea that I didn't have to stress about! Thanks for all the cute things that you guys put together all the time!

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