12 Days of Christmas

The Christmas Season has officially arrived... for some it came along time ago, others it might have started on Black Friday... and for me it always starts with our first family Christmas party, held on the first Saturday of December. It always gets me in the mood... and I have been thinking... what can I do this year to help someone else?

Sometimes it's easy to know what to do; there are obvious needs in your neighborhood, or someone in your family has already organized some sort of sub for santa. But if you are stuck - like me - then maybe the 12 Days of Christmas packet is just what you need!

Just pick someone that might need a little Christmas Cheer... an older couple, a single mom or dad, or even just some friends. This little packet comes with all the tags (each written in poem form) you will need and directions as to what goes with each tag.

This particular one is pretty simple: Christmas placemats, cans or liter of Sprite, red & green M&M's, a Christmas ornament, Christmas story, popcorn, any sweet treat, fruit, candle, homemade treat, candy canes, and a single or potted flower.

There are also a couple of blank tags if you decide to switch up a day or two. You can buy this at our store or online... or just use it as inspiration and create your own!

I think it will be so much fun to do with my 4 year old - he will learn about giving to others secretly, and he will have fun helping me put together the little gifts.

Remember you will start this on December 13th in order to end on the 24th.


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