Christmas Traditions...

I know, everyone is busy running around trying to get everything done with only 2 days left 'til Christmas! But I am curious to hear some of your favorite family traditions...

One of mine is hearing Santa's bells on Christmas Eve. We all gather in the living room to open our "one" present, and somehow my mom or dad would sneak outside and run around the house with a strand of very real sounding jingle bells. I always thought it was so magical! It was always the sign that we needed to get to sleep FAST so Santa would leave our presents. Even to this day, whoever is at my parent's house, the bells still circle around the house - the kids LOVE it. Sometimes we even jump in the car and go to other's houses to let them hear the bells... it's always exciting to try and not get caught!

I could list more, but I want to hear yours! If you have a couple minutes, take the time to leave a comment - I think it's fun to get new ideas, and I KNOW you have some fun things that you do!


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