New Years Eve Banner

This is another post from last year... so I apologize for the banner reading "2010" instead of 2011!  But hopefully you get the idea!  I think I'm going to do something similar tonight with my kiddos... Enjoy!

Did you see us on Studio 5 today? One of the simple ideas that YOU can make at home for your New Years Party is a simple pennant banner. All you need is some colored cardstock, a few yards of 1" (or wider) ribbon, and some party horns or blowers!

Then follow these simple directions:

1. Choose a color combination (we chose black, turquoise, hot pink, purple and lime green)
2. Print out templates and cut out banners.
3. Lay your ribbon out on the floor and make a pattern using the flags and horns. Get everything situated how you want it.
4. String blowers on ribbon, then staple your cardstock flags right onto the ribbon.

And that is it, folks! So simple. Be creative - you can use rhinestone embellishments on your flags, tie candy onto the ribbon, use long/fat/skinny blowers, etc.

Another idea is to use the Old Fashioned Cone... choose a cute patterned scrapbook paper... staple onto ribbon so each cone is just barely touching corners. Fill each cone with a few goodies. A party horn and an old fashioned candy stick would be so darling!

I will add a picture of the final product soon! Have fun!


Anonymous said…
Very nice article. Thanks for sharing.
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