January Visiting Teaching Gifts

Are here!
The message title from the Ensign is "Becoming Self-Reliant."
We want to MOTIVATE the recipient to
"Ring in the New You!" by following the counsel given in the message...

So we highlighted a few of the key points in a brightly colored block pattern -
Gain knowledge & education, take responsibility, be emotionally, physically, and spiritually STRONG, and Manage Money wisely.
(The treat this month is a pack of M&M's).

This 5x7 glossy card has the message from the Ensign in its entirety printed on the back for the sisters to read. This would easily turn into a nice bookmark.

To help start out the New Year the right way, we are helping you
"Manage your Money wisely" by offering these VT gifts at the low cost of $2.50!

Visit our webpage at www.pioneerpartyandgift.com to buy them online, or better yet - come by our store!


Lambert's said…
Thank you so much for taking the time to come up with awesome VT messages each month. It really helps me get motivated to go!

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