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April Visiting Teaching Message & Gift

So here is the April Visiting Teaching Gift... It's bright and springy and all ready to give! "It's time to BLOOM!" "Seek & Receive Personal Revelation,  and watch your testimony GROW..." (Isn't that cello sack darling?  We fell in love with it!) Includes the full message, a package of flower seeds,  and a yummy chocolate treat!   The front yellow piece is blank so that you could even slip it out,  write a personal note, and slip it right back in!  Such a cute way to give the message as well as a little gift! Perfect for those hard to reach sisters, or just to spice up the  usual visit. Visit our store in Lehi to purchase, or online at HAPPY SPRING!

Easter Oreos

I came across this easy idea and wanted to share.   I LOVE oreo's with a passion - so I am definitely going to try these!   Visit  Picky Palate for instructions. Enjoy!

April Fool's Day is Coming!

Pranks are always a fun way to show someone you love them ... after all, do you really ever prank someone you dislike?  We thought we'd help out with a few ideas of some fun ways to prank your friends and family: 1.   Chocolate Dipped Cotton Balls:  Can you even imagine biting into one of those?  Just melt some chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stir in some cotton balls.  Place on wax paper to dry. 2.   The Classic Rubber Band Trick:  If you have a kitchen sink with a sprayer on it... just wrap a rubber band around it and when someone goes to turn on the sink- they'll get wet!  This one's a classic, but it gets my family ever year! 3.   False Alarm:  Send your hubby an "It's a Boy" or "It's a Girl" balloon to their work...  We even deliver! Did you know that we carry fun cheap pranks at our store?  From fake gum to disappearing ink... we've got more than a few choices to help you decide which prank you'll be

Studio 5 : Easter

A Few Quick Tips for Easter Baskets: 1.   Choose a Color:  For each child (or whomever you are giving to) choose one or two colors per basket.  This gives each basket a different look and sets each child apart.  Also it makes what could be a "cheap" looking basket look classy. 2.  Always use a sturdy filler in the bottom of the basket before adding your gifts.  Tissue paper, wrapping paper or wood excelsior make good fillers.  Many people overlook this and then their basket doesn't look as full as it could. 3.  After you are done assembling the basket, add a "place setting" underneath your basket.  This can be a beach towel, a piece of cute fabric, an actual table placemat (we made our own placemat with an oval piece of card stock and then layered scrapbook paper on it) a balloon base, or even an article of clothing.  It should match the overall theme... This will finish off each basket with a WOW effect! 4.  If you wrap your basket in cellophane, a

Save the Date!

To:  YOU From:  The Party Gals For:  Studio 5 Easter Presentation Date:  Monday, March 22, 2010 Time:  11:00 am It's official:  You've been invited to join us for some Easter fun. Don't forget to mark your calendars so you can be ready to kick back and watch Emily give some new and fresh ideas for Easter .  We're really excited with what we've come up with... so don't forget to visit our web site or store afterwards to purchase the featured products that will make your Easter magical! (Here's some ideas from last year.... Enjoy!)
  Since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner (March 17!) we wanted to share some fun ways to give a treat!  Before your kids or your hubby get up in the morning, leave a trail of gold coins from their bed to the breakfast table.  You can have a green breakfast and leave a green goody bag at everyone's plate.  If you don't want to go to the hassle of making everyone breakfast that early.... have the gold coins lead your kids to their backpack.  For fun St. Patrick's Day favors, check out our video!

6 Things to do with Frootie Tootsies

You know the little mini tootsie rolls that come in a variety of flavors?  Yeah, those ones. On our website,  we sell them in big bags , or by the piece for .02 at our store (great for kids to use their own piggy bank money).   So here are 6 good uses for these little guys: 6.  Food storage treats.   Now you can have something in your food storage that will be a treat!  Not only do Frooties have a long shelf life, but they are nut free and gluten free!  So stock up... 5.   Potty training treats.  Perfect.  Inexpensive.  Individually wrapped.  Lots of flavor choices. 4 .   Party game - each participant gets a plastic cup and 25 tootsies.  Standing up straight, hold one at a time with mouth, and try and drop it in the cup that is sitting on the ground.  After ____ minutes, the player with the most in their cup wins! 3 . Make fudge!   Here is a recipe that looks delicious! Tootsie Roll Fudge Makes 49 pieces 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 stick unsalted butter 48 T