Congratulations Graduates!

We found the perfect money lei
for graduation and thought
we'd share how to make it:

Items needed:  2 spools of black ribbon (12 feet each),
$100 (in dollar bills), and black paper.


Step 1:  Start folding each dollar bill like a fan, as shown below.


Step 2:  Cut the black paper the same size as a dollar bill.
You will need 100 pieces cut.
Fold them the same as each dollar bill.


Step 3:  You will need 2 dollar fans to make 1 circle.
The same goes for the paper fans.


Step 4:  Take each spool of ribbon and unravel them.  Place one end of each spool together and form a loop.
You will then sew the loop in place.  End result:  a loop with 2 long strands of ribbon coming down.


Step 5:  Now that you have a loop with 2 ends, you can get started tying on the money and paper fans.
Keep in mind that there are 2 ends of ribbon, but you will use them to tie, so in the end, there will only be 1 strand.


Step 6:  Alternate tying the paper and money
using both strands of ribbon,
and soon you will have the completed lei!

If you have any questions, we'd love to help!  Just contact us at our store location for more information.

Wishing all the graduates out there the best!


The Burnah Clan said…
this is so very cool!
L said…
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Liz said…
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Susan Lumsden said…
I bet you could speed up the process by using an accordian crimper. Just run the bills through the crimper and the pleats would be made instantly. I just happen to have bought one recently.
Unknown said…
This is so adorable! My sisters school colors are red and blue plus I only want to give $50 so I thought I could alternate colors on either side and then in between the money in the middle! Thanks for such a fun idea!!!
KrystalGP said…
Love this, thanks!!
Yathav said…
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