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July Visiting Teaching Gift:

This month's message is about Strengthening the Home & Family... Perfect message for this time of year when kids being out of school might be driving you a little {crazy}! On a more serious note... these little vintage looking goodies are a perfect way to show your own patriotism while sharing a great message. The full message is rolled up and peeping out of the tote, which is filled with a delicious mix of All-American salt water taffy. The nostalgic gift tag on the outside has a quote from Pres. Hinckley that sums it all up: "You can't have a strong nation without strong families."  So true.  I love it!   Enjoy your month! Happy Visiting Teaching! Available at our store in Lehi or on our website.

Show Your True Colors...

With fabulous red, white & blue decorations at your summer BBQ!  We have just added some patriotic products available for online purchase.  Of course, we have more in store too, so come on in--We'd love to see you!  Happy Celebrating!

We're having a Contest...

ON FACEBOOK!  Just for a little fun, we thought we'd do a quick contest!   All you have to do is log on to Facebook, post a picture of your latest BBQ, picnic, or party...  We want to see your favors, your balloons, or even your food presentation!   That's it!   We're not judging on the most creative, we'll just randomly choose a winner next Monday night....  good for a $15 credit to use as you please! Hmmm... $15 dollars at our store would buy you lots of things: -A really nice balloon bouquet... -3 lbs. of chocolate covered cinnamon bears... (with some change left over) -4 Visiting Teaching Messages... -A cute gift or two for your favorite friend... -14 pkgs of our bulk favors for your next party or pinata... See?  And it could be YOURS!!  So log on to our Facebook page and enter today!

Our 3rd Annual Sidewalk Party...

was a huge success!   We had {way} more kids than expected and it seemed that everyone had lots of FUN!   Here are some pictures... The sidewalk BEFORE the craziness started! Our Tiki Guy  who volunteered to blow bubbles for us! Face Painting Station (before the line started!)  Hopscotch in the making The cute treat stand The end result = Happy Kids! Thanks to everyone who helped and who came to support us! WE {HEART} YOU!

"Here She Comes...

Miss Utah... "   Every year there are beauty & scholarship pageants held all over the US, including Utah.  With the stages, the lights, the sound, the music, the make-up and all the other things that go into making one night magical, so much time and effort goes unrecognized.  But this year, the committee for Miss Utah came to US for help in saying thanks to all the individuals who put in many hours for that one night.  Here's what we came up with:         So we just put different thank you bags inside a cute brown box with a tag that says: "A box full of THANKS for you!"  How fun is that?!

June Visiting Teaching Gift -

Let the "SON" shine in... This month's gift is fun & bright!  The topic is "renewing your covenants through the sacrament."  With it being June, we wanted to liken the  warmth of the sun  to the warmth that the Son can bring us  if we renew our covenants weekly.  The title on our gift says,  "Let the Son Shine In Renewing Your Covenants Through the Sacrament."   Each page thereafter has inspirational words... Live in His Light...Delight in His Glow... and Feel of His Warmth... along with the entire message from the Ensign.   It is all attached together with 3 colors of vibrant sheer ribbon and a bag of bright orange Skittles.   To purchase these darling gifts, visit our website... They are only $3.50 each!

For Those Who Missed Out-

Here are the gifts for dad we showed on Studio 5 last week.


So here's a sneak peak of some of the merchandise that will be at our Sidewalk Boutique on Saturday... Sew Simply Sweet and their ADORABLE headbands... and toddler hats... fabric flower clippies... Crayon roll-ups (perfect for car trips or church!) The Ciao Bella Boutique ... I love this aqua blue flower clip!  So sophisticated, but with flair! Darling little coral earrings... And charcoal gray stud earrings... Designer hats... Shirts, handbags... (i know you can barely see this!) Also Bumbles Watch bands and faces, hand designed vintage furniture pieces ( I already want one of each!), and there's more!  Old fashioned button rings... oh my!  I could go on!   Just come on down (or up!) and check it out! 

Lots Going On

this week at our store!  So here's a rundown: THURSDAY Emily will be on Studio 5 (11 a.m. on Channel 5) to show some fun Father's Day Gifts SATURDAY is our Sidewalk Boutique - here at our store from 9 am- 2 pm.  We are SO EXCITED!  We will have handbags, jewelry, vintage furniture pieces (SO CUTE), shirts, women's hats, Bumbles watches, baby accessories that are so flippin cute (seeing some of their merchandise will make you baby hungry), headbands, and so much more!  Definitely worth the trip down! SATURDAY we will also have a booth at the Miss Lehi Pageant... with little good luck and inspirational gifts. We also have our new Visiting Teaching gifts for June SOLD HERE.  Don't forget to become a follower if you're not already, and join us on Facebook for specials and updates! Have a Happy Week!