September Visiting Teaching Gift

Our September message brings a breath of fresh fall air with it!  A darling red gingham lunch sack is filled with the message (of course), a recipe for Autumn Apple Crisp (the boss' family favorite - and easy too!), two nutritious & delicious fruit leathers - all wrapped together with an apple wrap and a delightful sticker.

The message is officially entitled, "Our Responsibility to Nurture the Rising Generation."  Since nourishing is a part of nurturing - we wanted to remind sisters to feed the rising generation spiritually.  Kids are always hungry, right?  My little 4 year old would eat non-stop if I let him!  So just as they are always physically hungry - we need to remember that they are also always craving spiritual food.  They would eat it right up if we continually fed it to them!

So, "Have all the ingredients ready to Nurture & Nourish the Rising Generation" is the title of our gift!  And don't forget to "Feed them Spiritually!"

We hope you like it!

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