Favorite Things Party

So my daughter just turned two!  While thinking of what to do for her birthday party I had two requirements:  easy & inexpensive!  For awhile, I was set on going to a local splash park and just letting the kids play... but realized that Anna wouldn't actually really love that!  Which then made me start to brainstorm... "What are Anna's favorite things?"  I got thinking about how she loves to paint her fingernails, she loves our dogs, she loves to ride our horses, and she loves to color/paint.  The song from "The Sound of Music" kept coming to mind - "These are a few of my favorite things..."  and I added... "Puppies & Ponies & Polish & Painting!"  Every time I read her invite I actually sing it in my mind! I know, cheesy!  But that's just me.

So I had it!  I would throw her a "favorite things" party.  I ordered some cute Puppy themed cupcake toppers, set up a nail painting station, had pony rides, and let all the kids water color paint on a huge piece of butcher paper!  Here are a few pictures (I am not a photographer, so I apologize in advance):

I designed the invites and banner to match...
The flag banner turned out cute, too!  
And so easy.  I color copied some graphics from her banner, cut into triangles, and strung together!

The Party Scene!  I had different balloons in mind, but it was super windy, so we had to go to plan B and stick them up on the porch.  Oh well!  Still cute!

The Puppy Cupcakes 
(coming soon to Pioneer Party in all different themes!)

Her favor bags were simple:  a couple of her favorite treats, a little dog toy, a mini fingernail polish (or parachute men for the boys).  Boys had green polka dot ribbon - girls had pink!

Painting away...

You can see the concentration on her face... she really does love it!

This is Willie.  He is hard to catch but awesome when we finally get him!  I talked my hubby into doing the braids & ribbons for the party... :)

One of our cute party guests, Mylie, getting her nails painted.

So there you have it.  A happy two year old.  An easy, fun, & pretty inexpensive party idea.  
Because sometimes it's just hard to choose ONE theme!  
More on this "Favorite Things" idea later... stay tuned!



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