December 2010 Visiting Teaching Message

The message from the Ensign is entitled, "Our Responsibility to Participate in Temple & Family History Work."  
We have added to the top of the message, "Share the Joy of Salvation this Season - the Greatest Gift of All"
A vintage paper cone is filled with a touch of red excelsior,  the complete message from the Ensign, a Utah truffle Chocolate Bar, and an old fashioned picture of the Salt Lake Temple (with the scripture "and the hearts of the children shall turn to their fathers" D&C 2:2).  .  The cone is closed with a beautiful ribbon and a hand cut tag that reads, "Share the Joy."
The beautiful paper and temple picture were designed exclusively for Pioneer Party - making this month's gift quite a treasure...We think it turned out beautiful!  
We hope you can take this gift and as you share your testimony & thoughts with your sisters, also wish them a very Merry Christmas.  We truly hope that this gift will inspire many to participate in temple & family history work.  
** The picture of the Salt Lake Temple was taken in 1890. We love the view of the city!  It turns my heart to my ancestors that lived in that era.**

To purchase, stop by our store in Lehi or go online
Cost is $4.50


marnee said…
I love the vintage look! My great grandfather worked on some of the stair railing in the celestial room at the SLC temple. This picture reminds me of him and all of our ancestors that "built the kingdom". We owe them a lot. The message does "make my heart turn to my fathers". Love it!
Candis Ellis said…
It looks so beautiful all together! Great job!

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