Thanksgiving Printable

I just ran into this cute & 
Darling to print out, frame, and set on your table!  Add some leaves, an acorn or two, and a mini pumpkin and you're set!  Leave a comment if you end up using it... there just might be something special for you...

Happy Decorating!


linda said…
I'll be using it as part of my Thanksgiving decorating.
Thanks a bunch! Just Printed it out :)
I just printed it and it's already on the table! It does look super cute next to the mini pumpkins I had leftover from Halloween. We also put a tiny bowl of leftover candy corn next to it and it looks adorable! THANK YOU!
Yey! Thanks for your comments! It makes it so nice to know that people are reading and using some of the ideas! Watch for a post about what to do for your "something special!"
Tiffany said…
I am using it printing today and and puttingit up. Way cute!
Tamara said…
I used it for my invitation for Thanksgiving day dinner. Thanks so much - it is super cute!

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