Meet Denise

I've been wanting to introduce Denise to you for awhile now...
She is one of the KEY masterminds behind all of our creative gifts.
(there are many gals that are SO creative, but she might take the cake!)

After Christmas, the front of our store was so bare...We decided we would love some swags for Valentines Day.  I asked her to help and she whipped these darling babies out!  They turned out so cute and just made the front of our store look so festive!  

A few interesting facts about "DC":

*She was on the BYU Skydiving Team back in the day...
(She graduated with a Bachelors in Child Development & Family Relations)
*Been married to her sweetheart for 33 years, has 3 children and 10 grandchildren
*Currently the Primary President in her LDS ward.
*Loves horses, snorkeling in the Caribbean, sports, sewing, playing the piano & guitar
* Loves eating Italian, Mexican, salads, Jr. Mints, and Maple Bars from Lehi Country Bakery (which just happens to be next door!)

"Working at Pioneer Party was a perfect match for me.  I love working with people and creating ideas for the store.  You never know what personal request will be coming through the door. Challenging but sooooo fun.  I've been with Pioneer party for over 12 years. I love making up sayings that play on words. Our customers are always happy and wanting to have a great party... is there no better place to work?"

Some of Denise's originals are:
The Birthday Bra
Big Girl Panties
Birthday Toilet Paper Package
Tu-Tu Cute Birthday
Book of Love 
Santa's Naughty or Nice Book
Etc. Etc. Etc.!!

She can seriously take ANYTHING and make it cute. 
So if you're in a bind and need a gift, see if Denise is around!
She might just have to start taking appointments!!

Thanks Denise, we love you!!


Orencole Family said…
Yay Denise! She was so fun to work with. I miss you all!! Best job EVER! Tell everyone hello for me.
marnee said…
I just have to say that Denise is soooo dang creative and we love everything she does!

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