Did You Hear The Buzz???

Our dear weatherman says Spring just might finally be here!  (Hooray!)  And what better way to spend those little ones' Spring birthdays than with a fun bug party.  Check out this super cute bug party!  And then don't forget to come into the store so we can help you with the candy, tags, invitations, butterfly nets, balloons, tissue balls, goody bags, cellophane, piñatas, tableware, gummy worms...the whole works!  Don't forget, we can ship any of our makings to you also.

We made these darling classroom treats for cute little Isabel Ladybug's birthday. 

Isn't this the cutest balloon ever?  We also make butterflies, dragonflies, and spiders that would spice up any bug party!

Not sure what to do at your party?  How about a good game of buzz buzz sting (duck, duck, goose), go on a bug treasure hunt, decorate bug cupcakes, have an ugly bug fashion show, face paint, make bug catchers, or have a coloring contest!  You're little spring party goers are sure to have a blast!  Not enough?  Be sure to ask one of our fabulous clerks for more ideas!  We are happy to help!


Stephanie said…
I'm just curious to know if you have cute ideas for teacher appreciation week coming up the first week of May. I'm the class mom and have the fun opportunity of decorating the teachers door. Any fabulous ideas?

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