That's All.

I have to share the newest line of greeting cards we carry.
They are awesome!
That's all.

Just kidding!  They are called "thats all greetings" because two sisters were in the hospital 
(one fighting ovarian cancer) and they... well, read it in their own words  here.
Then I won't mess up the story!

Basically, all their cards end with a "That's all." statement inside.

Check out a few of these dandies:

Everyone knows someone nowadays that has this terrible disease!  And sometimes its not easy to TALK about it...

No explanation necessary... we all have someone in our lives that we could give this one to, right?!

And who hasn't had a "fat day" lately?

Remember, inside the card says, "THAT'S ALL."  I love them!

Check out more on their website... you will laugh out loud!  There are love ones, hate ones, observations, and more!

We don't have them on OUR website yet - but call if you want us to ship one (or six!) to you!  And stop by to see a whole rack of these funnies.
Ok, here's one more... I just can't choose which to show you!

(the inside says, "Happy Birthday!  That's all.")

Hope you like them!


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