Summer Fun Game Ideas

Here are a few ideas we've posted before, but thought you could use them with the 4th of July coming up!  

1.  SPONGE TAG:  Get a big bucket of water, 2-3 sponges (the bigger the better), and lots of kids...hand over a sponge or two to a couple of the older kids to start out - and watch the kids run around!  Works better with multiple sponges so everyone gets wet and has a chance to be "it."

2. MARBLE GRAB:  Fill a kiddy pool with water and dump marbles in the bottom.  Each player stands in the pool and has to pick up marbles with his or her toes.  The person who picks up the most is the winner!

3.  BOTTOM-END-BLOW-OUT:  Tape a thumb tack to each players nose.  Then tape a balloon to each players bottom end.  The object of the game is to see who can pop the most balloons without letting their own balloon be popped!  This one is sure to be full of laughs!
4.  WET 'N WILD LIMBO:  Play limbo replacing a regular limbo stick with a water hose.

5.  BODY PAINT:  Make a variety of instant pudding the night before so that it can set.  Give each child (or adult) a paintbrush (fingers work as well) and let them paint designs on each other.  Give a prize to the most creative, messiest, best design, etc....

6.  MUSICAL TOWELS:  Exact same as musical chairs, but with towels outside. You don't even have to have the towels in a circle; just randomly place them in the yard!  That way guests are jumping and dashing around trying to land on a towel!

7.  PIN-AQUA:  Hang a kitchen garbage sack from a tree, basketball hoop, etc... fill about 1/3 full of water... and let the kids take swings!  Instead of candy, they will enjoy getting cooled off on a hot summer day.  (We tried this the other day in our neighborhood, and it was a HIT!)

What are some of the games YOU play when you get together with friends or family?  Leave a comment and share... please??!!  
Happy 4th of July weekend!


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