November 2011 Visiting Teaching Gifts

November’s Visiting Teaching is always fun to put together because there are so many great talks and quotes to choose from.  We wanted to encourage the sisters to “Preserve the Words” from General Conference – so we’ve done just that!  Inside the half pint canning jar are 8 different quotes from talks given during the October session.  Add to the mix 3 fun size chocolates and seal it up with a piece of jute and a burgundy polka dot ribbon… and you have a wonderful gift just perfect for giving.

To purchase the November Visiting Teaching Gifts, 
visit our store in Lehi or our website.

Also check out our monthly Home Teaching Gifts - 

"Harvest the valuable PIECES from General Conference" 
Two packages of Reeses Pieces along with a handout that includes numerous quotes from the conference are beautifully typeset for you or your families to enjoy. 

To purchase the November Home Teaching Gifts,
visit our store in Lehi or our website.


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