Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities...

Before or after the food, what do YOU do at your Thanksgiving get-together?
I know there's a lot of fun family traditions and play-every-year games.
But if your family needs something for the kids to do...
Think no longer!!
We have a few options for you:

#1 Pin the Feather on the Turkey
We sell this in store or online for $5.00
Can be laminated upon request

#2 Thanksgiving Memory Game
Sold online & in-store
10 matches, 20 cards total
Cards are approximately 4"x5" each

#3 Thanksgiving Bingo
10 playing cards
Calling card pieces
Sold in store or online

#4 Thanksgiving Feast Add-Along Game
This is a game with no planning or supplies needed!
Players sit in a circle.  First player starts out saying, "I ate a (blank) for Thanksgiving dinner."
The next player says, "I ate a (repeat what 1st player said) and a (blank) for Thanksgiving dinner."
Repeat and repeat!  If a player forgets or messes up the order - he or she is out.
Last player in wins!

And stay tuned for a fun THANKSGIVING CRAFT for the kids!


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