Celebrate your calling as a Visiting Teacher!

Our new Visiting Teaching Gifts are out and ready to go... and with that comes a sigh of relief (on our end) and another "to-do" on your list!  A sister in my ward gave a Visiting Teaching "thought" today in Relief Society, and I really enjoyed her thoughts.  She read some quotes from the "Daughters in my Kingdom" book, talked about some personal experiences she has had with VT, and ended with a challenge to us that no matter what our experience has been in the past with VT (whether it be good, bad, or NO experience) - that today is the start of a new month and that we can start fresh this month by being a better Visiting Teacher.  Just like we make New Years Resolutions, we can resolve NOW to not only make our visits, but be a friend to our sisters.  So... with that, I will introduce you to our July 2012 Visiting Teaching Gifts!!

The message title from the Ensign is, "Demonstrating our Discipleship Through Love and Service."  A lot of this message seems to be a repeat of last month - basically, how to be a better Visiting Teacher.  This message MUST be important, and has a lot of great tips on how we can serve like our Savior did.  

We have put together a gift that gets right to the point:  "Bring the GOOD NEWS to others as you serve like the Savior."  I think it is a perfect way to present this month's message.  It truly is all about being a positive person in other's lives - not only by bringing them the "good news" of the gospel, but by being that person that others can count on when needed.  

The full message is printed on the back, wrapped in cellophane, and tied up with jute and a tag.  I hope you have a great month and that you will enjoy bringing these gifts to those you visit.

You can purchase the VT gifts online or in our store in Lehi.  


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