MTC Delivery!

Did you guys know we delivery to the Provo, UT MTC Daily?! Grab an awesome pre-made missionary or LDS themed gift to go, and we will package it up right there and send it for you! Or bring in your own surprise for your favorite missionary! OR - a sure hit with your missionary, grab a dozen donuts (square ones are our favorite!!) from Lehi Country Bakery next door and send them as a nice afternoon treat for your hard working missionary and his/her companion! 

Here's the down-low:
  • We deliver to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center Monday thru Friday (except major holidays. 
  • Packages that arrive at our store before 12:30 PM will be taken to the MTC that same day.
  • Please contact the store via email ( for pricing info, or feel free to stop by or call.


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