How to Stage a LUCKY day!!

You may have seen us on KSL's Studio 5 today, showing you how to stage a lucky day for a special someone in your life! We are so excited about this idea - it was so much fun!

Here's what we did:
  1. I chose one of my best friends who I thought could use a little "luck"!
  2. I made a list of some of her faves. Maurices, Swig, her boyfriend, a favorite restaurant, a favorite place to get her nails done, a few of her closest friends, etc. 
  3. I figured out what day would work best.... and.....
  4. Went to work! I called Maurices to see if they had any coupons or sales, and paid $10 in her name, asking them to call her and let her know she won something. I arranged for a good friend to show up at her house in the morning with a Swig Dirty Diet Coke & sugar cookie and help her fold laundry (who wouldn't love that!?). I had another friend she hasn't heard from in a long time text her later in the day, just telling her she missed her and loved her. I talked to her boyfriend and had him ask her to dinner, then called the restaurant and paid for part of the tab. I had her mom stop by and help her with a task she'd been dreading. I also found out her favorite nail technician happened to be in town from a long vacation and set up an appointment with him! I paid $10 toward her nail fill and dropped off a pre-printed tag that says "Lucky" (see below) and had the salon give it to her and tell her it was her LUCKY day! I had another friend drop by in the evening with yet another Dirty Diet Coke to get her through the afternoon! 
The best part of the whole thing was she called me the next day to tell me about how awesome her day was (she had no idea it was all a set up). She said she was laying in bed at the end of the day thinking about all that had happened, and she said she just felt SO LOVED and happy! It was soooo worth it!! 

 Here is the free printable with all the deets + two tags you can cut out and use - enjoy!

Leave us a comment about your staged lucky day - we'd love to hear it!!


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