March Home and Visiting Teaching

Our March Visiting Teaching Gifts are sure to make the sisters you visit feel special and loved.  We have chosen a few different quotes (from President Monson, President Hinckley, and President Ucthdorf) that explain our divine nature, and the potential we each have as children of God.  "Always remember - you matter to Him," for example.  

We've packaged 8-10 butterscotch Werther's candies, added a beautiful tag that reads, "You are more Precious than Gold" and tied it all up to look just perfect to give away.    

The March First Presidency message is entitled, "The Word of God to His Children" and is written by Dieter F. Uchtdorf.  

We have designed a darling print that says, "The Lord communicates with us through 'TALES' from the mouths of His servants."  A box of yummy miniature vanilla Cow Tales are included along with the full message from the March 2018 Ensign.  


brit41 said…
Do you have a printable to share with the "More Precious than Gold' cute candies?
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