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Graduation Leis!

It's that time of year - graduation! We are making candy leis like crazy and wanted to share some easy, fun ideas! This one is fairly time consuming, but the end result is so fun! We took 3 frooties at a time and tied them together, and then tied them to the main string, alternating colors. We chose good ole Lehi purple, but this would also be cute in a rainbow of colors, chocolate brown, or of course, the school's colors! Careful - this one was hard on my finger - lots of knot tying!  This is a new favorite this year - a simple chunky patterned ribbon with a candy Pop Rocks attached, with a bright tag saying "YOU ROCK - Congratulations!" This is a refreshing new look that we are loving, and so are the customers! Who doesn't love rainbows and bubblegum?! This would be perfect for your preschooler or kindergartener's graduation, and we made it a little shorter just for the little ones. We've added a little bow on the sid

Swim Suit Season is Upon Us...

...and you all know what that means:  NO MORE COOKIES!  So, how are we supposed to survive through all of those horrible cravings but still look good?  We have the perfect solution:  Cookie Dough Taffy!   Let's compare the two:  A regular cookie has about 120 calories, 5.8 grams of fat, 2.8 grams of saturated fat and about 18.4 grams of carbs.  Our delicious cookie dough taffy has about 22 calories, .28 grams of fat, .21 grams of saturated fat and a total of 5.4 carbs!  Same great taste- different affect!  So come on if for your free sample while supplies last- you'll be glad you did (& so will everyone else at the swimming pool!) Mention this post while you're in and get 10% off you entire purchase!  Good thru the rest of the weekend...

6 Things to do with Frootie Tootsies

You know the little mini tootsie rolls that come in a variety of flavors?  Yeah, those ones. On our website,  we sell them in big bags , or by the piece for .02 at our store (great for kids to use their own piggy bank money).   So here are 6 good uses for these little guys: 6.  Food storage treats.   Now you can have something in your food storage that will be a treat!  Not only do Frooties have a long shelf life, but they are nut free and gluten free!  So stock up... 5.   Potty training treats.  Perfect.  Inexpensive.  Individually wrapped.  Lots of flavor choices. 4 .   Party game - each participant gets a plastic cup and 25 tootsies.  Standing up straight, hold one at a time with mouth, and try and drop it in the cup that is sitting on the ground.  After ____ minutes, the player with the most in their cup wins! 3 . Make fudge!   Here is a recipe that looks delicious! Tootsie Roll Fudge Makes 49 pieces 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 stick unsalted butter 48 T

Sometimes Life Sucks...

But if it DOES, this Whirly Pop will sweeten anyone's day! I t is HUGE ! Look at it compared to this (beautiful) hand! teehee Wouldn't it be cute to give someone and say, " Sorry your day SUCKED, hope you feel better! " Or "Going back to school can really SUCK, but look at the bright side - you get a BIG LOLLIPOP, and you can share it with the cute boy in your English class!" The possibilities are really just endless with this larger than life Whirly Pop (wink wink). Just wanted to show you one of our UNIQUE products. Hope you have a good day. If it does happen to SUCK , a visit to us will definitely brighten your day.

Spring is HERE!

This weather is  crazy!!   Two weeks ago we were in our  swimming suits  playing in the sand box, and this weekend we have our  boots  on stomping in the  snow !   One thing that has made me  smile  lately is walking into the store every day and seeing  SPRING  no matter what the weather is outside.  Everything is so  bright and cheery ... maybe these pictures will give you a little glimpse into what fun lies ahead when the weather is consistently  nice outside ! Flowers made from balloons - hanging from the ceiling Chocolate covered cinnamon bears with a cute card attached... Mini topiaries hung from the ceiling.   These are unique decorations for any party - hang them above the table where you are going to be celebrating! New printed plates/cups/napkins  Warmers and scented blocks.   High quality and great scents!  Fun fish balloon bouquet In fact, thinking about spring and looking at all those cute pictures makes me want to celebrate right now!  Let's give away something