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Spooky pillows!

We've got 4 of these skull pillows left - aren't they spooky with a twist of darling?? They are about 17" tall and $13.99. (Turquoise one not shown) Come in today to get yours before they're gone! In store only.

Get your witch on!

Get your witch on with one of our amazing hats! You'll be the envy of all the other witch's! They range in price from $19.99-$29.99- in store only. 

DIY: Crepe Paper Banner

Need a simple & inexpensive and fast party decoration? Make yourself a good old fashioned crepe paper banner! I'll be honest, when I think of crepe paper twisted from the ceiling, sometimes I cringe.  I have bad memories of faded light pink crepe paper lifelessly hanging... (not sure who's party or when...but it is in my brain!) Well girls, THIS idea, is not that!   Check this out: This is on someone's mantle.  Huge letters, wrapped in yarn... and yep!  The beautiful crepe paper banner hung above it.  Darling, yeah? Grab the crepe paper that you want. (we have over 20 colors in stock, FYI) Get some ribbon. Cut crepe paper into strips - all different lengths, or all the same!  You choose. Fold the crepe paper over the ribbon, staple and you're done!   So easy, huh?

Kid Friendly Jack-O-Lantern Cookies

This is the CUTEST idea EVER!  I found it over at "Bee in our Bonnet" and couldn't resist sharing with you.  I am definitely going to add this to my "to-do-this-October" list. Check out the full instructions here . So the basic steps are: 1.  Make sugar cookie dough 2.  Cut out dough into shapes of eyes, nose, mouth, etc - the way you would a real pumpkin! 3.  Bake and and let cool. 4.  Decorate with frosting and let dry. 5.  Grab some orange dessert plates (which will be your "pumpkin") and let the kids arrange and re-arrange their jack-o-lantern faces! GENIUS!  I also LOVE the idea of putting all the decorated pieces into a jar to "gift" to friends or neighbors. Check out their full post for details on giving this darling idea away!

Halloween Girls Night Out - THIS THURSDAY!

Just wanted to make sure YOU know that YOU ARE INVITED to come down to our store in Lehi tomorrow night (Thursday the 15th) for a night full of fun!  Starts at 6 pm and goes to 9 pm -  FREE make & take, FREE cupcakes by Sugar Mamas, FREE hand paraffin waxes by Salon Chateau, plus SALES throughout the store and lots of Halloween IDEAS & GIFTS!

Halloween Sale

It's almost Halloween... are you ready?   We are all ready to SPOOK and be SPOOKED here at the store! We still have: Darling witches hats (glitter and ribbon adorned) Styrofoam Headstones RIP shaped paper treat bags Candy Dishes Halloween Cupcake Kits ALL AT 30% OFF! And don't forget about the cute little gift bags we make... we have lots of those too!   And our balloons are not to be forgotten...  they can make a party that much more SPOOKtacular!   Drop by today!

Puffy Paint Pumpkins

The name alone sounds fun, doesn't it?  Or if not fun - at least a little bit interesting!  I was actually thinking it sounds a whole lot l ess messy than the traditional carving.  And a bit more classy as well!  I didn't realize that Puffy Paint still existed - and it kinda made me smile thinking of the good 'ol days when we used to paint our shirts at girls camp.  But onto the pumpkins: I found this blog a few months ago while searching for help on how to repaint my kitchen cabinets.  I fell in love with their writing personalities as well as the inspiration I get from all their ideas!  It is mainly a house design blog, but thought you might enjoy this simple pumpkin deco idea!  Happy Puff Painting!!

Time to Boo and be Booed!

So I came across this a bsolutely darling "you've been booed" printout... and thought I'd share.   You know the one, right?  Where you make two treats, two copies and then deliver when it's dark so no one sees you?  My little 4 year old just gets so excited about doing this little tradition... So here you go!  Click on the image to download & print these out!   Go know you can't wait to do it!   And if you need a quick & easy treat to make - try out these cute little guys.  Don't they look delish? Have a happy weekend! Emily


In case you're not a facebook fan, we just wanted to show you some cute vintage Halloween tin signs that we just got in... They measure approximately 10" x 16" and are only $9.99!   Call or come in soon to order yours!  Limited stock. I can't wait - I'm going home tonight to hang this one my front door with some orange polka dot ribbon!  

It's official...

Halloween Merchandise is 40% off! (spiders webs, luminaries, glassware, paperware, bags of moss, stickers, plush, etc. etc.) Come get those last minute party supplies and treats! -Some exceptions apply - excludes candy, cellophane bags, bulk toys, and goody bags

Link to Studio 5

Here is the link to the Studio 5 segment that aired Tuesday... Thanks to the Studio 5 team for having us on! It was great!

Trunk or Treat Pre-Made Packages

So in case you are in a bind this week and need help with decorating your trunk, we have come up with 3 different kits which are available for purchase. Here is a basic description: Witch's Kitchen Includes: 1 lb of gumballs, 1 bag of frooties (38.8 oz), 10 Laffy Taffy Topes, 2 Snakes, 50 vampire teeth, 2 plastic tablecovers, and 1 18" x 3' Witch's Kitchen banner Only $39.99 Pirate's Cove Includes: 1 pinata (pirate ship or treasure chest), 1 18" x 3' Ahoy Maties banner, 2 plastic tablecovers, 120 misc. Bulk Toys (eye patch, skeleton, jewelry, suction eyeballs) and 40 chocolate gold coins Only $45.99 Beach Time Includes: 1 pinata, 1 bag of swedish fish, 1 pkg wooden skewers, 1 18" x 3' Aloha banner, 1 fishing net, 2 fancy flower leis, and 2 plastic tablecovers Only $45.99 Please call ahead to order your Trunk Package... 801-768-3549 or email at

Live on TV - Tuesday at 11

Yes, it's happening again! Studio 5 has asked us to come show some TRUNK OR TREAT ideas on their show Tuesday at 11:00 am. Are you supposed to be decorating YOUR trunk sometime this week? Do you have a plan yet? Are you clueless? If you need help or just a few ideas to get started, watch me tomorrow and I will show you how to make your trunk a PARTY - not just a place for treats!

Pumpkin Cookies - Pioneer Party Style

My little boy LOVES pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I repeat. LOVES. So after buying lots of store made ones (at $4.00 for 6!) we decided to make our own. This recipe is SUPER EASY and REALLY YUMMY! What more could you ask for? Last night we made a batch and on a whim decided to give some away. I just put 2-6 cookies in a clear cello bag (size c-2) and tied it up with jute. I then added some vampire teeth and a kraft tag. Inside the tag says "Something sweet to sink your teeth into! Enjoy" Another idea: "Sink your teeth into these sweet morsels" (this would also be cute in a Halloween cello sack & using black/orange color theme) Here is the pumpkin cookie recipe: 1 box cinnamon swirl cake mix 1 box spice cake mix (or 2 of the same: 2 spice cake or 2 cinnamon swirl) 1 large can pumpkin 1 bag chocolate chips Mix all together and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes. Makes a huge batch! We have the cello bags, the vampire teeth ($1.00 pkg of 10) and the ribbon

Halloween Pinatas Just In...!

We just got a shipment of HALLOWEEN PINATAS!! And of course, they are darling... (not the average run of the mill from the dollar store - not that there is anything wrong with the dollar store) If you are having a Halloween get-together, a pinata is a must. You know you want one. So come on in! (They are $10.99)

Halloween Deal #5

Halloween Luminaries Luminaries are one of the EASIEST and most effective ways to have your house stand out in a crowd! There's something about the lights glowing from the bags all in a row - it's so welcoming and classy. TODAY ONLY- HALLOWEEN LUMINARIES 40% OFF!

Halloween Deal #4

Mini Halloween Purses So cute for little kids, teens, AND adults! Can be used for candy, chapstick, loose change, or to wrap up a gift card. TODAY ONLY 20% OFF ANY HALLOWEEN MINI PURSE (regularly $5.99)

Halloween Deal #3

Spider Web Fluff! But wait - before you pass this up, let me tell you another way to use this stuff! Instead of just buying yourself a bag and using it in your Halloween decor - Grab a bag and use it as "filler" in your Halloween gifts. Use scissors to cut it up and put it in the bottom of your cellophane bags instead of frizzies. Or, put a couple of bags in the bottom of a basket before you fill it up with goodies for your neighbors. TODAY ONLY BUY ONE BAG, GET ONE FREE!

Halloween Deal #2

Witches Hats! Always good to have on hand... especially those of you who don't LOVE to dress up! You can always throw on a witch hat with a black outfit, and you're good to go! We don't carry your average run of the mill hat, BTW - only unique & spunky! TODAY ONLY WITCHES HATS 20% OFF

Halloween Deal #1

This ribbon is darn cute! It can be used for all sorts of projects - scrapbooking, card-making, hair bows, and wrapping! TODAY ONLY - BUY 1 ROLL GET ONE HALF OFF! Good time to stock up for the season!