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Back by Popular Demand...

KMK Scented Room Sprays! In the past, we carried some wonderful scented room sprays from a company based in Layton. About a year ago, they changed from wholesale sales to home-based sales, so we were not able to order anymore. Some of our customers were so sad! These room sprays were a staple in lots of our guests' homes! About a month ago, we got a call from KMK saying that they had SO many of our customers call and ask where they could buy the sprays... so they were going to let us order from them again! Yey! I know, that was a lot of information, but we are excited that THEY ARE BACK! So thank you to anyone that made that happen. They are $10.99 a bottle and they really do last months! A couple of sprays in any given room is just like burning a candle for hours. They are so nice to hurry and spray before company comes. Some of the most popular scents we have in right now are: Home Sweet Home Harvest Spice Lemon Peel Welcome Home Mention this post and take 20% off y