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For Those Who Missed Out-

Here are the gifts for dad we showed on Studio 5 last week.

It's That Time Again...

We are going to be on Studio 5! So be sure to tune in tomorrow (Wednesday) on channel 5 at 11:00 am. Callee will be on giving great gift ideas for the teachers and grads in your life! Don't miss it!

Studio 5 : Easter

A Few Quick Tips for Easter Baskets: 1.   Choose a Color:  For each child (or whomever you are giving to) choose one or two colors per basket.  This gives each basket a different look and sets each child apart.  Also it makes what could be a "cheap" looking basket look classy. 2.  Always use a sturdy filler in the bottom of the basket before adding your gifts.  Tissue paper, wrapping paper or wood excelsior make good fillers.  Many people overlook this and then their basket doesn't look as full as it could. 3.  After you are done assembling the basket, add a "place setting" underneath your basket.  This can be a beach towel, a piece of cute fabric, an actual table placemat (we made our own placemat with an oval piece of card stock and then layered scrapbook paper on it) a balloon base, or even an article of clothing.  It should match the overall theme... This will finish off each basket with a WOW effect! 4.  If you wrap your basket in cellophane, a

Save the Date!

To:  YOU From:  The Party Gals For:  Studio 5 Easter Presentation Date:  Monday, March 22, 2010 Time:  11:00 am It's official:  You've been invited to join us for some Easter fun. Don't forget to mark your calendars so you can be ready to kick back and watch Emily give some new and fresh ideas for Easter .  We're really excited with what we've come up with... so don't forget to visit our web site or store afterwards to purchase the featured products that will make your Easter magical! (Here's some ideas from last year.... Enjoy!)
  Since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner (March 17!) we wanted to share some fun ways to give a treat!  Before your kids or your hubby get up in the morning, leave a trail of gold coins from their bed to the breakfast table.  You can have a green breakfast and leave a green goody bag at everyone's plate.  If you don't want to go to the hassle of making everyone breakfast that early.... have the gold coins lead your kids to their backpack.  For fun St. Patrick's Day favors, check out our video!

Studio 5 - Valentine Gifts

Want some Valentine Gift Ideas? If you missed Emily on Studio 5 today,  click HERE to view the online segment.

Do you need some quick Gift Ideas?

Then watch us on KSL's Studio 5 Wednesday the 27th. Topic:  Grab n Go Gifts We will be sharing items to have on hand for those last minute occasions with these following themes: Birthday Gifts, Just Because Gifts, and Hostess Gifts. Be sure to tune in at 11:00 - Channel 5.

Watch us On Studio 5 - Monday!

Emily & Callee will be on Studio 5 this coming Monday, Dec. 21st showing NEW YEARS GIFTS & PARTY IDEAS I know, Christmas isn't even here yet - but you will get some GREAT ideas for your New Years Bash - s o tune in at 11:00 on Channel 5!

Studio 5 Viewer's Special

Did you see us on Studio 5 today? Print out this coupon and bring it in today or tomorrow for 20% off one entire purchase! Yey! It would be a great time to grab some Thanksgiving favors, Christmas cellophane, and maybe a little something just for YOU! If you missed the segment on TV, check it out HERE. Have a great weekend!

Link to Studio 5

Here is the link to the Studio 5 segment that aired Tuesday... Thanks to the Studio 5 team for having us on! It was great!

Live on TV - Tuesday at 11

Yes, it's happening again! Studio 5 has asked us to come show some TRUNK OR TREAT ideas on their show Tuesday at 11:00 am. Are you supposed to be decorating YOUR trunk sometime this week? Do you have a plan yet? Are you clueless? If you need help or just a few ideas to get started, watch me tomorrow and I will show you how to make your trunk a PARTY - not just a place for treats!
Here are the links to our latest TV appearances in case you missed them... usually Studio 5 just has us do one short segment, this time Emily did 2 short segments! Some of you might have seen the first and then missed the second... so here you go! How To : Making Old Fashioned Cones to Wrap your Gifts 10 Quick and Easy Birthday Gifts (Kids, Teens, & Adults)

Watch us On TV - Thursday at 11:00

Just wanted to remind you that we will be on KSL's Studio 5 show , Thursday the 17th, at 11:00 am. Tune in to see 10 quick ideas for birthday bags - for kids, teens, and adults! We will also be showing how to make a cute little cone-shaped pouch ... perfect for stuffing with some sweet treats or a little gift. They are a spin on the old fashioned May baskets... people used to fill them with flowers and leave on friend's doorsteps as a surprise. But of course, we have updated and created our own little version... You won't want to miss it!

Celebrate Summer - Studio 5 Link

Just wanted to give you this link, in case you missed last week's Studio 5 presentation. Emily, one of the store managers, gave viewers 10 quick ideas for some summer fun! Click here to watch or read...

Watch us on TV!!

Are you getting a little anxiety knowing that summer is halfway over? Are you hoping it will last forever? We want to give you some fun ideas to help you celebrate the rest of your summer! We will be presenting some fun decorating and game ideas for your next summer party. If you don't have one planned already, you will want to throw one after seeing some of our ideas! Studio 5 - KSL Channel 5 11:00 am

Teacher Gifts

On Studio 5 today, Emily showed some of our teacher thank you gifts.  We have tried so hard to stock up so we will have a great selection for all of our guests, but as you can imagine, it gets a little crazy sometimes!  So, if you come in and don't see what you want, please ask!  You can order a certain bag and come back later to pick it up, or gather your own supplies and we can help you wrap it up while you are at our store.  Here is the link to the Studio 5 segment in case you missed it: Don't forget to come in and get 10% off your entire purchase on Thursday, May 21st!  Just mention that you watched Studio 5!  

Deal of the Day

Watch Studio 5 today at 11:00 to see Emily showing some of our Teacher Thank You gifts! If you come in today or tomorrow (Wed or Thurs), tell us you saw Studio 5, and get 10% off your entire purchase! Yipee!

Date Changed for Studio 5

So there was a slight mix-up and we are going to be on Studio 5 NEXT Wednesday ! Oops! I know you are were SO excited to see us and our ideas, but you'll have to wait it out. Come into our store today or tomorrow (Thursday or Friday) to check out one of our favorite companies - Baby Chicks. They specialize in darling baby shoes, headbands, clippies, leg warmers - all that fluffy stuff. Because we are going to show some of our Teacher Thank You gifts on the show, we have made up many cute ideas to stock our shelves- so stop by soon for the best selection! See you soon!

Did you get to watch Studio 5?

If you have missed us on TV the last few times, here are the links! Maybe you can get some inspiration for your upcoming project... (Easter Wrapping Ideas) (St. Patricks Gift Ideas) (Valentine Gift Ideas) If you are a new customer or haven't been our store before, these segments will give you a little taste of what you are missing!!

Watch Us on TV - Monday the 6th

We are going to be on KSL's Studio 5 show again, Monday the 6th!  Callee  will be presenting ideas on "Unique Ways to Wrap your Easter Present."  When - Monday, April 6th - 11:00 am What - KSL Channel 5 - Studio