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Ring in the New Year!

New Years Eve is so much fun! We love the idea - with kids or adults - to have a fun countdown surprise each hour leading up to the big midnight hour! Put your notes in balloons and pop them to find what is inside - or have cute goodie bags filled with a fun activity or treat! You can do whatever suits your family, but we like to start at about 5 and have the first activity be "Make/eat dinner" (chinese food, pizza, etc). Have the whole family help and enjoy a yummy dinner. Then make a few more to open every hour or so. We like to have one go for about 2 hours so we can watch a movie. Put a game inside the goodie bag (UNO, Phase 10, etc) and play that until the next hour.  Make your own confetti! Scrap paper, newspaper, old phone books, etc. Get hole punches and scissors and go to town! See how much you can make in an hour! Ingredients to make cookies or a treat A movie and popcorn Go outside and have a snowball fight! Have a dance party - jump on the beds/cou

New Years Eve Party Ideas

A FUN PARTY THEME IDEA:  Countdown by the Hour (Use a CLOCK theme to carry throughout the decorations and activities) -Paint kids faces white, then use black to draw clock hands. -White balloons (or clear filled with confetti) can be drawn on to look like a clock. -Have guests bring an alarm clock (and gather all of your own)… set the alarms to all go off at midnight  (or earlier, depending upon the ages of the guests). -Kids can decorate a paper plate to look like a clock. Punch a hole in the top, and hang the clocks at different levels from the ceiling. To start out the night… Make an  individual party bag  for each guest that you will hand each guest at the beginning of the party (instead of the end). Personalize the outside with their name as well as a greeting: “Let’s Start the countdown to 2010!” or “Countdown by the Hour to 2010 starts NOW!” In the bag will be their hat, horns, individual pack of confetti, a champagne glass, a notepad for goal setting, and of cour


If you're like me, I'm going to be "stuck" at home with the kiddos for New Years Eve - and to make it FUN, we need some ideas, right?!  Here are a few that we've gathered for you: BURST the BALLOONS - Have the kids POP a balloon and inside is an activity for them to do... Similar to above... have a COUNTDOWN by the HOUR.  Choose approximately 6 activities to do, and wrap them up with the TIME of the day to open the package and do that activity!  Read below for lots of fun activities to do: Here are a few ideas for different activities that can be done throughout the night. Each activity you choose will be wrapped up in a container or just with ribbon and have a clock set for the time that it will be opened. 1.   Baking  – any recipe will do! Cookies, brownies – something to decorate afterwards makes this activity a “craft” and a treat! Cut your cookies out in all different shapes to make  look like confetti  – frost in all different colors, add sprinkles, an

New Years Eve Banner

This is another post from last year... so I apologize for the banner reading "2010" instead of 2011!  But hopefully you get the idea!  I think I'm going to do something similar tonight with my kiddos... Enjoy! Did you see us on Studio 5 today? One of the simple ideas that YOU can make at home for your New Years Party is a simple pennant banner. All you need is some colored cardstock, a few yards of 1" (or wider) ribbon, and some party horns or blowers! Then follow these simple directions: 1. Choose a color combination (we chose black, turquoise, hot pink, purple and lime green) 2. Print out templates and cut out banners. 3. Lay your ribbon out on the floor and make a pattern using the flags and horns. Get everything situated how you want it. 4. String blowers on ribbon, then staple your cardstock flags right onto the ribbon. And that is it, folks! So simple. Be creative - you can use rhinestone embellishments on your flags, tie candy onto the ribbo

New Years Eve Party Ideas

This is a re-post from last year when we were on Studio 5 for New Years Ideas...Hope you can find something fun to do for your party! Here are some of the ideas we talked about on Studio 5 today... Make a New Years Eve (Christmas) Tree: Turn your Christmas Tree into a New Years one! Right after Christmas take down all decorations and store away. Get a combination of horns, blowers, balloons, garland, streamers, confetti – and decorate the tree! Keep it up for the week in between Christmas and New Years to get in the spirit! Right before midnight , guests or family members grab what they want off the tree to ring in the New Year! A FUN PARTY THEME IDEA: Countdown by the Hour (Use a CLOCK theme to carry throughout the decorations and activities) -Paint kids faces white, then use black to draw clock hands. -White balloons (or clear filled with confetti) can be drawn on to look like a clock. -Have guests bring an alarm clock (and gather all of your own)… set the alarms to al

A New Years Thought

Something to keep in mind this upcoming year... :)

Watch us On Studio 5 - Monday!

Emily & Callee will be on Studio 5 this coming Monday, Dec. 21st showing NEW YEARS GIFTS & PARTY IDEAS I know, Christmas isn't even here yet - but you will get some GREAT ideas for your New Years Bash - s o tune in at 11:00 on Channel 5!

New Years Eve by the Hour

So here's a quick and easy party idea for a fun-filled New Years Eve...(this is especially good for kids, but can be tailored for an adult party as well). Choose 3-5 age-appropriate activities and gather all the supplies needed.  Each activity with supplies goes into a brown paper sack.  Then label each bag with a time to open - for example, "Open at 7 pm", "Open at 8 pm" etc.  So each hour of the night the kids have something to do!  Fun things could include a favorite board game, making cookies, cutting out your own confetti, dressing up and taking pictures, art projects, making a snowman, having a treasure hunt, watching a movie - and then of course, the last one would be party poppers, horns, hats and for sure the camera!   This is fun because it gives kids something to do all night long, and you can be creative in what you plan!   Happy New Year!