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December Visiting Teaching Gifts!

I am so excited to show you these beautiful gifts!  We've used a collection of paper that has creams, browns, and blues combined with glitter to make these a very eye catching gift for such a special season. One of the quotes we really liked says, "Every sister who lives as a woman of God becomes a Beacon for others to follow..." (Elder M. Russell Ballard) - so we've created a beautiful bookmark that is included in each gift.  A picture of the Mt. Timpanogas Temple was used for the bookmark (and was taken by a local photographer, Nate Ekins) and is exclusive to Pioneer Party. Also included in the gift pouch is the full message from the Ensign, printed on cream paper, and a Mrs. Cavanaughs gourmet candybar.  The chocolates are (seriously) delicious!  You will receive one of three different kinds:  a white chocolate almond coconut, a dark chocolate roasted almond, and a milk chocolate caramel bar. Of course each gift is wrapped using beautiful ribbon and a "

November 2011 Visiting Teaching Gifts

November’s Visiting Teaching is always fun to put together because there are so many great talks and quotes to choose from.  We wanted to encourage the sisters to “Preserve the Words” from General Conference – so we’ve done just that!  Inside the half pint canning jar are 8 different quotes from talks given during the October session.  Add to the mix 3 fun size chocolates and seal it up with a piece of jute and a burgundy polka dot ribbon… and you have a wonderful gift just perfect for giving. To purchase the November Visiting Teaching Gifts,  visit our store in Lehi or our website. Also check out our monthly Home Teaching Gifts -  "Harvest the valuable PIECES from General Conference"  Two packages of Reeses Pieces along with a handout that includes numerous quotes from the conference are beautifully typeset for you or your families to enjoy.  To purchase the November Home Teaching Gifts, visit our store in Lehi or our website.

September Visiting Teaching Gift

I love-love-LOVE how these visiting teaching gifts turned out! The vintage "back to school" theme notebook includes 5 total pages: (pg 1) the full message from the Ensign (pg 2, 3, & 4) great quotes from the message that could be put in your scriptures or hung on a refrigerator (pg 5) a daily/weekly "to-do" checklist of gospel principles It is all put together with an oversized paper-clip (complete with blue polka dot ribbon), a rubber band, and some old fashioned candy sticks. The tag clipped to the outside says,  "{Stick} 2 your spiritual studies + {Stick} 2 gospel principles = 4 a strong family!" (The title of the message is "Strengthening Families by Increasing Spirituality") Aren't they to die for? To purchase these inexpensive visiting teaching gifts visit our store in Lehi or our online store !

August Visiting Teaching Gift

The August VT message is entitled, "A Society of Holy Women."   The message is printed on a beautiful linen cardstock with a pearl finish... the full message on one side, with one of our favorite quotes from the message on the other.  The quote reads, "By accepting the gift of activity in Relief Society, we become part of what Joseph Smith described as a society 'separate from all the evils of the world... Choice, Virtuous, & Holy.'"  The ornate card is tied with a chocolate brown raffia onto a delicious snickerdoodle cookie (Granny B's), with a "to/from" card tucked in so you can personalize your gift.  The card  would be perfect to hang on one's refrigerator, mirror, or even backed on cardstock and framed.  Enjoy! The card is really beautiful in person... you won't be disappointed!! Purchase these on our online shop or in our store in Lehi.

July Visiting Teaching Gift

Make your visiting teaching this month a BLAST with our dynamite message!  A festive Americana cardstock is rolled with the message tucked inside, as well as some (super soft & yummy) flag tootsie rolls.  We've finished it off  wrapped in clear cellophane, added some polka dot ribbon, and tied on a tag that reads, "Celebrate the Great Blessings of the Temple." And while we're at it... check out our July Home Teaching Gift as well... A frame-able subway art with words and powerful phrases from President Uchdorf's message, as well as the message itself, and enough licorice for the whole family!  Complete the gift yourself with a personal message on the tag provided.  We are sure it will be a hit!  Buy these gifts online or in our store in Lehi. Have a Happy 4th of July!