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Snow shooters

we found this cute idea on Growing A Jeweled Rose  a perfect winter boredom buster! To make snow shooters you will need: 2 white cups black and orange craft foam 2 white or black balloons Scissors Glue Making the  snow shooters  only took me a few minutes.  I began by cutting the bottom off of two white cups.  Then I took two white balloons and cut the tops off of those to create a larger opening.  This made it easy to stretch the balloons over the cup bottoms.  I layered the bottom rim of each cup with glue before pulling the balloons over the openings.  I used a glue stick, but hot glue would probably work even better.  Once the balloon pieces were secured I decorated the front of the cups to look like snowmen using craft foam Once dry you can give kids cotton balls, white pom poms, or balled up paper to shoot at each other.  All they have to do is place the "snow" inside and gently pull back on the balloon The snow will go flying! We use