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St. Patrick's Day Ideas Galore!

Tune in Friday (tomorrow!) at 11 a.m. to watch Studio 5!  Emily will be showing you how to be the coolest mom on the block this St. Patrick's Day.  We'll cover how to EASILY pinch-proof your house, how to incorporate a Leprechaun into your day, a couple of classroom game ideas, as well as some cute green and gold gifts to give away!  Whew!  It will be quick, so you might want to check in with KSL's website afterwards to read all about it.   Also, notice Emily's outfit - a darling new boutique called Valshi in Lehi dressed her!   Valshi Boutique (formerly Lavish) is the perfect place for the Fashionista on a Budget! They have something for everyone.   From clothing to accessories,  to handbags and more. You'll find everything you need to be fabulous! They have awesome low prices and unique pieces.  Check out their facebook page for daily updates and pictures of their new products that come in!  You'll be sure to find a fun new TREASURE at Valshi!! 

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Activities...

Before or after the food, what do YOU do at your Thanksgiving get-together? I know there's a lot of fun family traditions and play-every-year games. But if your family needs something for the kids to do... Think no longer!! We have a few options for you: #1 Pin the Feather on the Turkey We sell this in store or online for $5.00 18x24 Can be laminated upon request #2 Thanksgiving Memory Game Sold online & in-store 10 matches, 20 cards total Cards are approximately 4"x5" each #3 Thanksgiving Bingo 10 playing cards Calling card pieces Sold in store or online #4 Thanksgiving Feast Add-Along Game This is a game with no planning or supplies needed! Players sit in a circle.  First player starts out saying, "I ate a (blank) for Thanksgiving dinner." The next player says, "I ate a (repeat what 1st player said) and a (blank) for Thanksgiving dinner." Repeat and repeat!  If a player forgets or messes up the order - he or she is out. Last player in

Partying with Channel 2!

We want to give a BIG thank you shout out to Casey Scott and the team with Channel 2 News!  We had so much fun partying with them this morning!  For all of you late sleepers who missed todays morning show- check out Channel 2's  website .  For the rest of you, here are a few behind-the-scene pics of all the fun we had.  Enjoy! Our wonderful party gals got up extra early to be to work at 5:00 am! Not to mention, we worked hard the night before to make sure everything was perfect! Emily kicked it off with an intro of our store.  It was here, Casey was introduced to our original Birthday Bra! Ali and Shantel played Marble Grab with Casey... Ali won!  She's a 12 marble wife! Afterwards, Callee talked with Casey about some different gift ideas that we offer at our store.  (Did you know that you can come in our store and pick out a whole bunch of random products and we will put it all together for you to give as a gift?!)  We invited the Lehi Pioneer Cheerleaders to come and

Pioneer Day Ideas...

The 24th of July marks the day that the Mormon Pioneers arrived in if you live here, you will have another day to celebrate this month!  Here are some ideas to incorporate with your kids, neighborhood, or family: EASY GAMES TO PLAY: Three Legged Race Button, button, where's the button? Stick Pulling Sack Race Wheelbarrow Racing Tug of War Marbles Horse Shoes And a few more that need some explanation... Shadow Tag  This  game  needs to be played on a sunny day. The person who is it tries to step on another player's shadow. If their shadow is stepped on they have to stand still. The game continues until every person has been tagged. Then the first person tagged becomes it. If a player gets tired of running they can lay down. Then the player who is it can't tag them. Ducks Fly  This game is similar to  Simon  Says. One child is chosen to be the leader. The other players face the leader. The leader tells the other children what to do. The