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January 2018 Home and Visiting Teaching

So it’s a new year, and there are some new changes to the Church of Jesus Christ Relief Society Visiting Teaching program.... and guess what?!? We think it’s awesome! Learning how to SERVE the sisters you have been assigned to will be an opportunity for growth and learning for everyone.  We have been making monthly visiting teaching gifts for over 15 years, and honestly, we don’t want to stop! So we have decided we will continue to make a monthly gift- and we can promise you  two things  1- it will always have an uplifting quote and/or message, and 2- it will always be cute enough to give to a friend! And that’s the great thing- since there will be no official message from the church, our gifts will be perfect to give to ANYONE that may need a lift or a word of encouragement. wahoo for spreading joy and light! Happy New Year!  This month, we have chosen to highlight a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf in January 2014, entitled "The Best Time to Plant a Tree