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Spooky pillows!

We've got 4 of these skull pillows left - aren't they spooky with a twist of darling?? They are about 17" tall and $13.99. (Turquoise one not shown) Come in today to get yours before they're gone! In store only.

Lehi Heritage Day

 Today was Lehi's Heritage Day! There was a darling parade honoring 12 Lehi couples and their Pioneering efforts here in our hometown, followed by a small ceremony, and then a day full of Lehi history! There were displays and info set up off throughout Main Street, focusing on historic venues and info. We were lucky enough to show off some of our history, along with the history of CANDY! {In all the chaos, we didn't get a picture of all the old fashioned darling candy we have and the fun set-up our amazing employees did! Dang!} We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Go Lehi! (check Lehi City's website for more info)

Confetti Eggs!

Oh my goodness! We found the cutest idea ever for your Easter festivities!! Confetti Easter Eggs! They are traditionally called  Cascarones and you play by smashing these colorful fun eggs over your dear friends heads!  To put a spin on the game, fill one egg with gold confetti (we have it in store!) and the rest with fruity pebbles cereal -- so you won't feel bad about clean-up.... let the birds clean up for you -- and whoever gets the gold confetti get a special prize (might we suggest a giant bag of chocolate coverage cinnamon bears ?)! Looks like so much fun! Check out Oh Happy Day 's blog for full details and instructions.  Happy Easter, peeps!