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Dear Guest,

Most of you may not realize that we have a whole panel of creative experts that are ready and willing to help you when your in a creative crunch.  One of our wonderful guests called us up and needed help with a favor for a party that she was throwing.  However, it wasn't just any ordinary party... it was a PMS Party!  She didn't know what to do for a favor, but she knew how much she wanted to spend for each one.  So she gave us her budget, her color scheme, and her time frame, and we came up with something fun and unique just for her party!  It turned out so great that we wanted to share it with the rest of our loyal readers, so here it is: Contents in the Official PMS Survival Kit: Paperclip: To hold it all together Pills: For those achy times Hot Compress: For even more of those achy times Band-Aid: For when feelings get hurt (Disclaimer: Does NOT need to be used for your feelings) Tissue: Cause it's okay to cry and not know why... Tampon: Self-Explanatory Rubber Ban