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Paper Gift Sacks - not just for gifts!

Warmer weather is coming! And with it, picnics, parties, and fun! We found some cute out-of-the-ordinary ways to use our striped/gingham/chevron paper gift bags.  Use as a silverware holder for a party or gathering! We're thinking a little green for St. Patricks Day lunch? Or maybe some sweet pastels for Easter breakfast?! Birthday parties!? (We carry a ton of plastic wear - almost any color - you can order you personalized colors for your special silver wear craft  here ! And we also carry the ever popular paper straws, you can  order here !) (credit Or they could be cute used as a sandwich bag - maybe for a special occasion for a child's lunch bag or a picnic?  OR there is the good old fashioned way we Party Gals use them - fill 'em with candy! Anyway way you look at it, these bags are adorable and in stock! You can check them out  here  or come i