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Skinny Pineapple Orange Slush!

Mmmm, just the name sounds delish! Try out this yummy {easy} drink to cool you down in this July heat! recipe via Lovely Little Kitchen   2 cups frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup rainbow sherbet 1 cup orange juice 12 oz can of lemon-lime soda (Sprite Zero) {optional} add spinach! Serves 4 

Summer Fun Game Ideas

Here are a few ideas we've posted before, but thought you could use them with the 4th of July coming up!   1.    SPONGE TAG:   Get a big bucket of water, 2-3 sponges (the bigger the better), and lots of kids...hand over a sponge or two to a couple of the older kids to start out - and watch the kids run around!  Works better with multiple sponges so everyone gets wet and has a chance to be "it." 2.   MARBLE GRAB:    Fill a kiddy pool with water and dump marbles in the bottom.  Each player stands in the pool and has to pick up marbles with his or her toes.  The person who picks up the most is the winner! 3.    BOTTOM-END-BLOW-OUT:    Tape a thumb tack to each players nose.  Then tape a balloon to each players bottom end.  The object of the game is to see who can pop the most balloons without letting their own balloon be popped!  This one is sure to be full of laughs! 4.   WET 'N WILD LIMBO:    Play limbo replacing a regular limbo stick with a water hose. 5.    BO

Partying with Channel 2!

We want to give a BIG thank you shout out to Casey Scott and the team with Channel 2 News!  We had so much fun partying with them this morning!  For all of you late sleepers who missed todays morning show- check out Channel 2's  website .  For the rest of you, here are a few behind-the-scene pics of all the fun we had.  Enjoy! Our wonderful party gals got up extra early to be to work at 5:00 am! Not to mention, we worked hard the night before to make sure everything was perfect! Emily kicked it off with an intro of our store.  It was here, Casey was introduced to our original Birthday Bra! Ali and Shantel played Marble Grab with Casey... Ali won!  She's a 12 marble wife! Afterwards, Callee talked with Casey about some different gift ideas that we offer at our store.  (Did you know that you can come in our store and pick out a whole bunch of random products and we will put it all together for you to give as a gift?!)  We invited the Lehi Pioneer Cheerleaders to come and

Splish Splash Summer Bash

It just keeps getting hotter out there... so we wanted to help you all out by giving some fun ideas for a "Splish Splash Summer Bash" party.  First off, start it out with a splash by sending a wet invitation to your guests. 1.  Send us your party information, and we'll type it on the invitation. 2.  We laminate the invitation and send it to you. 3.  You roll up the invitation and put it inside a balloon and fill the balloons with water. 4.  Add the "splash" tag on the outside of the balloon 5.  Add your ribbon and then deliver! This is a fun way to get your guests excited to attend the party.  Here is what it looks like:      To go along with the invitation, we also have a favor tag that you can attach to a treat, balloon, an otter-pop, whatever you choose!  Here is what the favor tag looks like (we put ours on suckers): (If you would like to order customized invites and favors, please feel free to visit us in-store or call us!) Now, on to the gam